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Tax refund and US Naturalization interview

Cuteflower 1 | -
26 Feb 2010 #1
quick question,
Im going for naturalization interview and Im going to filed for tax refund will have some around-$7K credit back to me. 2009 wasn't good for me and I didn't made a lot of money around $10K-$15

Is there anyone had a problem with Immigration Officer when you had interview for citizenship. Is it ok to get refund from tax's or not I don't know what to do so far. This credit will be because of my 2 kids.

plz let me know
beelzebub - | 444
26 Feb 2010 #2
Tax refunds are normal. Income taxes are estimated when paid so sometimes you have to pay more and sometimes you get a refund since you paid too much. Point being that it's normal and shouldn't have any impact on naturalization as it is totally unrelated.

If you hadn't paid taxes and were being investigated or something then they might bring it up but sounds like you are fine.

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