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Where to get Polish (disco polo) CDS in Canada?

NvMySi 2 | 1
4 Jun 2010 #1
Alright so ive been looking to buy disco polo and the group boys for a while now and cant seem to find it anywhere in canada. is there a website in poland that i can purchase with my credit card and have it shipped to canada? and if someone can help me out on what cd the song "Noce Z toba" (by boys) is on i would really appreciate it. i tried limewire i tried bearshare, nothing but crap. anyways hope someone can help me out with some links. as i cant seem to find new songs to download. thank you all

Sincerely, Marcin
2 Feb 2011 #2
go to youtube find the songs and download them using www video2mp3 net
polishmusicfan 1 | 13
3 Feb 2011 #3
Try RapidLibrary.

Noce z Toba is on their 1997 cd "OK" and on their 2008 cd "The Best of Boys Cz.2".

Michal Jelonek...where to get his CD's here in the US?

I've really been getting into his music lately - fabulous stuff!! But I cant find CD's of his anywhere locally.
Does anyone know where to get anything of his?

Try downloading it from a file share or other (LEGAL ;) lol) website...
It looks like thats probably your best bet...

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