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A Canadian citizen overstayed Visa in Poland

lowfunk99 10 | 397
16 Jul 2010 #31
I am in your corner after having a similar thing happen. The law is the law and they don't see a gray area.

However, I think you will just have to serve your time.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
16 Jul 2010 #32
Again people, i don't want to hear your opinions, I need helpful advice, if you can't supply that, sorry to say but don't f*^$*# post!

The most helpful advice I can give you as someone fairly knowledgeable about the subject is that you simply don't have a chance of getting the decision overturned. Polish law is to say - black and white. You broke the law, you were punished - end of story. Serve your time, get a visa when you intend to return and there should be no problems.

Ultimately, you broke the law and you've been let off lightly. They could quite easily have banned you for longer!
michaelmansun 11 | 135
2 Nov 2010 #33
Oh well, 12 months isnt too long, personally I think they should make it 10 years :D

That's because you are a pissed off Pole who was refused his visa to the USA. Used to be you could just cross into Slowakia and come back the next day. Schengen is tricky, but it's the answer to USA policies. USA laws are just as bad and really worse, and Canadian Border cops are jerks big time.

I can live in Poland if I wanted, but Mexico is so nice this time of year. And cheaper. I know you love the girl or whatever, and it appears you made it back. I know folks who have overstayed in Poland or some other Schengen Zone drone country, and they just cross into the UK from France, with no formalities at the border, and leave from the UK which gives Candadians and Yanks 6 months.

Don't pay too much attention to the haters. They got refused visas to the USA and now being recognized along with Bulgaria and Moldovia as EU member states, the feel special about it. Like some sort of private club. It is like, well, when you are treated like unwanteds for so many decades, you laugh when someone else is having a hard time. Arrogance. Sorry about your troubles. Getting married to a Pole is a bad idea. Marry an Italian. Citizenship in 6 months and you can live in Poland after that if you want.
grubas 12 | 1,390
2 Nov 2010 #34
Amathyst is British (I think English to be precise) not Polish.And I agree with her,it should be 10 years not 1.
Maybe 12 | 409
3 Nov 2010 #35
You have to know which clerk to give a present too, I'm surprised you haven't learnt that yet!

Over the past few years, many wheels have been greased with vodka, chocolates, coffee, hard cold cash. The trick is knowing who you have to see, that is the tricky bit. If you aren't connected you are screwed.

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