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Passport photos in Fort Lauderdale, Florida ?

Olivkovitch 2 | 3
3 Jul 2010 #1

Does anyone know where I can have photos for a Polish passport in the Fort Lauderdale area?

pgtx 29 | 3,146
3 Jul 2010 #2
go to the local place where you develop your pictures...
OP Olivkovitch 2 | 3
3 Jul 2010 #3
The requirements for the photos are very specific and are not like the passport photos for the American passport.
3 Jul 2010 #4
You have photo requirements clearly stated in the formularz you have to fill while asking for the Polish passport. And those are different from American. If I remember correctly for Polish you need half-profile with visible left ear, no smile, no earrings, no hats. Every photographer will do.
OP Olivkovitch 2 | 3
3 Jul 2010 #5
I thank you much for the fast reply. I have the requirements.

I need to find a place that specializes in photos for the Polish passport.

If I go to a place and they make a mistake in taking the photos (and I am no expert to tell if the photos are good), then I'll have to wait another 4 month until the consul arrives again to Miami.
f stop 25 | 2,507
3 Jul 2010 #6
I have the requirements.

What do they say about the pictures? Last time I brought the 3/4 profile, only to find out they want them straight on now. Thankfully they had the photographer right where they were accepting applications.
beckski 12 | 1,617
3 Jul 2010 #7
I had my passport photos taken at a local drug store. I believe some post offices may offer that type of service also.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
3 Jul 2010 #8
only to find out they want them straight on now.

this is so.

The photo is fed into a computer... eyes, nose, mouth are then lined up with marks that appear on the computer monitor.

It seems to me that it is for facial recognition programs.

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