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Hopeless case for a US tourist visa or fiancee visa?

10 Nov 2009 #1
I am an American with a Polish boyfriend. We have been living together in South America where we met for about three years. I would very much like him to come to the US to meet my family and friends before we think about marriage. He has been living in South America for three years as a "tourist" i.e. we cross a border every 90 days. Prior to living in South America his last job and place of residence was in the US for almost seven years where he had a work visa and was trying to get residency without success. He has money in savings (over $10,000) and owns a small apartment property in Poland but is unmarried and without kids and without a job in Poland. Plus has been living long term without residency in another country for the last three years and has shown an interest in living and working in the US from his previous attempts to win residency through his work visa. It seems from what I have read on other threads that our situation is a bit hopeless as he is a perfect candidate for an illegal overstay, though he has never broken any rules and has always pursued the proper avenues. Is there in hope in applying for a tourist or fiancee visa? Will it likely be a time-consuming heart-breaking financial drain for both of us? Any advice?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
11 Nov 2009 #2
It's worth contacting us at Lindenia

There's a possibility that we might be able to help - from our experience, it's worthwhile submitting the 'perfect' application for a visa as it can considerably increase the chances of success.

Don't trust what you read online - people are notorious for not stating the full details and making it seem as if the USA (or other countries!) are evil and bad.
11 Nov 2009 #3
Will it likely be a time-consuming heart-breaking financial drain for both of us? Any advice?

If you wish correct free advice on living in Poland you do not need to pay for it as Ben one of our members has written a great blog here.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
11 Nov 2009 #4
Pretty useless for a Polish citizen trying to get a US visa though, isn't it?

It's a good blog - but some of the information is pretty out of date now. The process for starting a business has been streamlined quite considerably - in fact, only two visits to offices are actually required these days - and an acountant can handle most of the nonsense from their end.
ChrisPoland 2 | 123
12 Nov 2009 #5
If you are planning to get married in the US, I would just apply for the fiance visa. It is true that they are meticulous but it is worth a try. After receiving the fiance visa there is a time limit to get married in though and then after that you have to apply for a residence visa and so on and so on. I don't remember the fees for the visas but I don't recall that they were financially burdensome. The burdensome part may be in collecting all the paperwork that you need esp proving that your finances are sufficient to support your spouse.

Good luck and keep us posted!
nancygrl - | 11
11 Mar 2010 #6
This is from a US Immigration Law publication

K-1 Visa (Fiancee of US citizen)
Must be eligible for IV (Immigrant Visa) with petition filed on I-129f, valid for 4 months; pass medical exam, and marry US Citizen within 90 days of entry into US. Employment authorized.

May adjust to LPR status under INA section 245.

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