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Downfall of motor industry in Poland
Poland residency dilemma - illegal worker affecting my income
Currency rates: $ € ₤ zŁ. The interrelationship.
Polish American trying to plan a trip to Poland. Help with legalities on entering country.
11 - rotfl....

Lawmailmann006 - 13 Oct 2010 mailmann006 - 13 Oct 2010
Urząd Skarbowy, I paid too little on my last PIT?
Best Polish returns on $100,000?
No polish bank account, how to pay internet bill
A new car from Poland - Romet 4E
Copywriting rate for websites written in English in Poland?
Opening a US$ Account or Banking a US$ Check - bank transfer fees
Advice for not getting paid for some teaching. Small claims court in Poland?
Problems with Polish Bureaucracy, residency
Exchange €2000 to PLN what is best way?
11 - I used to exchange in kantors but that took a lot of time and effort, now I just take...

Lawheywood100 - 20 Sep 2010 Marek11111 - 21 Sep 2010
TAXES for Foreigner (UK) living in Poland
Can I take the Polish written test and obtain a Polish driving licence?
Can I check land registers in the area of Bytow online?
People who have their businesses in Poland must update or face a fine
19 - Something tells me that many of these "agents" are going to cause a lot of trouble for Asians...

Lawwelshguyinpola - 28 Dec 2009 delphiandomine - 12 Aug 2010
Brit obtaining driver licence in Poland
Advice required about opening a Serbian restaurant in Krakow
24 - I mean sp. z o.o. (sole shareholder company)....

LawDjuriic - 11 Jul 2010 gregor - 9 Aug 2010
Polish passport service for a new born baby?
Red Tape - Polish drivers licenses
7 - Well well well, it looks like you can drive vans up to 7.5 t. And minibuses with up to...

LawWroclaw Boy - 30 Jul 2010 SzwedwPolsce - 31 Jul 2010
Australian in Warsaw married a Pole - Polish permanent resident permit advice
6 - lol.. glad i could help. :D :D...

Lawsharpman007 - 21 Jul 2010 plk123 - 21 Jul 2010
Settlement permit (married to a Polish guy)
Poland's going forward while Britain is still trying to wake up  2  3
Bringing my young son to Poland on a Schengen Visa
Driver's licence - How to exchange British one to Polish legally?  2
Driving permits in Poland
6 - great! thanks!...

Lawazael - 3 Jul 2010 azael - 3 Jul 2010
US Marrying Polish in Poland
Public Sector Website in Poland
Buying 2nd hand cars - UK or Poland
7 - you can try this easyexport pl as alternative....

Lawskibum - 16 Mar 2010 denimrenault - 21 Jun 2010
× Polish passport for a Pakistani guy in Poland?
20 - I don't see what's so risky about telling some truths to a 1.65 Paki?...

Lawjust - 14 Jan 2010 Miguel Colombia - 20 Jun 2010
RC annulment procedure in Poland
Business Etiquette (Polish companies' dealings with clients in other counties)
Family immigrated 1880's from Galacia: Polish Citizenship - A few Questions
13 - good points, you two. lol...

LawSemsem - 17 Jun 2010 plk123 - 17 Jun 2010
Why have they built another huge shopping centre in Lodz?
7 - are you sure it's still on?...

LawSteveramsfan - 25 Mar 2010 joannaa - 11 Jun 2010
Vehicle insurance in Poland for a british driving license holder
Do Poland have big market for Natural and Handmade products?
i have a british learners licence valid for 10yrs can i apply 4 polish licence??
6 - You need it under EU law - though in day to day life, not having one isn't much...

Lawal111 - 27 Nov 2009 delphiandomine - 16 Apr 2010
Will my friend have to pay back half the loan his ex-wife took out in Poland?
22 - Yes + No = Crisis...

LawKarl1983 - 14 Apr 2010 richasis - 15 Apr 2010
What is the most developed Science Technology in Poland?
Does the government regularly monitor people's bank accounts in Poland?
How to register a foreign Non-EU car in Poland?
How to apply karta pobytu on basis of business in Poland
I need information on Gold Certificates company that operates in Poland
how to have Certificate of authenticity of polish driving license
Over stay in Poland (Canadian citizen)
Coffee Heaven (Poland's biggest coffee chain) for sale  2
33 - starbacks rocks:)...

Lawjonni - 12 Dec 2009 aphrodisiac - 10 Mar 2010
To know about the Jatux company in Poland?  2
33 - Wow its this easy to scam people???...

Lawpons - 1 Aug 2009 pantsless - 6 Mar 2010
Need information about GDP in Poland from 1990-2005
Scrapping a vehicle in Poland?
residence visa stamp (Asian girl with a Polish husband)
9 - what i mean is polish man sorry to making a wrong spelling by the way i mean is a...

Lawdhennie_jo - 22 Feb 2010 bokayo6258 - 25 Feb 2010
Car Insurance for a foreigner living in Poland on a temporary permit
Help collecting Karta Pobytu in Warsaw  2
49 - Wow you replied to a 2 year old thread? Good situational awareness....

Lawjones101 - 14 Jan 2008 rdw - 14 Feb 2010
What can I do with 250000$?  2
Value of Computer in Poland
× Polish Cop Took My Car Registration :S  2  3  4  5
Pesel in doubt, can anyone tell me if this delay is normal ?
Requirements for Motorbike Instructor in Poland
8 - Yes, i would agree with that statement. Thanks very very much....

LawGregKelly - 29 Jan 2010 GregKelly - 30 Jan 2010
Company bank account in Poland - can a company use a personal bank account?
11 - yeah I reckon so but I don't want ANYONE to have to pay a fee to deposit money into...

LawSlinner - 28 Jan 2010 Englishpoznan - 28 Jan 2010
Public Liability Insuarance and Product Liability Insuarance

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