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Which currency is better for Poland and the Eurozone? Euro or Zloty?

peterweg 37 | 2,320
19 Jul 2011 #31
Peterweg, you are being emotional, not practical.

nope, cold hard practical fact that the markets follow to a tee.

Where is the CHF now? Are the markets emotional?
skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
19 Jul 2011 #32
Where is the CHF now? Are the markets emotional?

Absolutely, the markets assume the euro will fail and the us dollar will follow... Markets are always about emotions... Why, because we, the people who trade, are full of them...
19 Jul 2011 #33
Where is the CHF now? Are the markets emotional?

CHF, is too strong for me I would prefer to buy into weakness, GBP or USD with my CHF and hold. You got to know when to take profit.
incastone 2 | 12
19 Jul 2011 #34
I agree with your quote- incastone, if it does blow up again and it is very possible, there will not be the same tools in place to stop the rot. If it came to that, I will be buying as much farmland as I can get.

Yes indeed, farmland, good call. Slightly out of my league at the moment unfortunately.

To contradict myself - Maybe the crash is exactly what we need, it's a ridiculous debt generating system we have.
I'm all for the 'I'll swap you this fish for a haircut' way of doing things.

Hang on, what am I, a charity? Make that 3 haircuts.

Crap, I've got to get up early for my flight, bedtime.

Poland here I come! Put all barbers on standby!
OP skubus 7 | 42
19 Jul 2011 #35 head is spinning after reading all the posts..but like i said i'm not into stocks and shares be they currencies or precious metals, i'm too much of a coward to consider risking our savings on the roll of a dice, literally. Good luck to all of you who partake of such activities, yer brave souls. And to clarify some points, i still live in Ireland, i still work here, i still pay taxes here and i still have mortgages here (two of them) and on top of all that i still have to try and sleep at night and not think too much about the sence of dread i feel for myself and my fellow inhabitants about the state of our nation. The savings i talk about in here aren't mine in essence they're my wife's. She moved here 6 years ago, got a job, saved as much as she could, met me, married me, stuck at her work and continued to save as much as she could until finally she could take no more of the bulls**t she had to endure i.e. the extra work while at the same time having her salary slashed every few months. So the savings "we" have are precious and would hate if by some cruel act they became worthless.

I think from reading all these posts that the savings will remain in euro, for now, and just hope that the crisis will stabilise. I'll keep a close eye on what's going on in Europe and maybe look into the markets concerning precious metals, just out of curiousity mind. Still can't see us delving into this though, it sounds a bit frightening!!

Thanks everyone for the feedback
skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
19 Jul 2011 #36
In a nutshell your money is safe. IF you decide to do precious metal investing I recommend investing in funds that track those metals rather than to buy actual gold, silver, etc. Renting safety deposit boxes adds up too you know... :)

Just FYI, gold, silver, etc. trade is MUCH riskier than any stock trades, talk to a specialist before you go down that road.

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