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VoIP Business in Poland

13 Jun 2007 #1
I would like to know either VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is legal in Poland or not. If there is no official restrictions on VoIP establishment, then from where I can get a license to establish and start a VoIP Call Termination setup in Poland ?

It will help me a lot if somebody can provide me above mentioned queries as well as number of Mobile companies operating in Poland, availability of Mobile SIM cards (pre-paid/postpaid), how much is the average cost of dedicated (leased) Internet broadband line of speed say 512Kbs per month, does the ISP companies allow voice port or they block it etc.

Any valuable suggestion would be much appreciated.

All the best

Email : kih_003@yahoo
szarlotka 8 | 2,209
13 Jun 2007 #2
yes VOIP is legal and there are several Call Termination setups already. This links shows some details:
General information on Poland's telecomms market is available from a huge number of analysts and market research firms. One site you will find useful is linked below: Just google to find loads of others.
slwkk 2 | 228
13 Jun 2007 #3
Any valuable suggestion would be much appreciated.

It's too late to start VoIP business in Poland - there are many companies on the market already. Another thing is that many ISPs offers VoIP as addional service ... or even they offer internet+voip+cable tv.

how much is the average cost of dedicated (leased) Internet broadband line of speed say 512Kbs per month

~15-20$ (local ISPs)

does the ISP companies allow voice port or they block it etc.

there is no such thing as VoIP port.... VoIP isn't easy to block, so I can say that in most cases there won't be any problems to establish VoIP connection.
OP shabuz
13 Jun 2007 #4
It is nice to have reply from szarlotka and slwkk so far. If the dedicated leased line with static IP for broadband connection for 512Kbs in Poland is around ~15-20 USD, it is cheap I have to say. Or this is the rate for home user on shared connection ?
szarlotka 8 | 2,209
13 Jun 2007 #5
Not sure if I understand your question. If you are talking flavours of DSL Broadband then obviously you don't need dedicated leaselines as you are just using your telephone line! The cost quoted seems like an ADSL connection for home users. Leaselines will vary upon bandwith (a lot bigger than 512kb probably) and distance covered. You can get indicative pricing for deicated leaselines from the TPSA website (last time I looked in Polish only)
slwkk 2 | 228
13 Jun 2007 #6
The cost quoted seems like an ADSL connection for home users.

Yeah, I was thinking about internet connection for home users from companies like TP SA, Netia, UPC, Aster or local ISPs. They can provide you internet access for ~15-20$ (especially local ISPs).

Shabuz, everything depends on what you want to do... if you want for example to run some server or sth like that then you will have to pay more to provide good quality services...
szarlotka 8 | 2,209
13 Jun 2007 #7
Shabuz, everything depends on what you want to do...

Good call slwkk.... this looks like the loosest business plan I've ever seen
OP shabuz
14 Jun 2007 #8
Thanks so far for constructive suggestions coming from different point of views. Yes, I am thinking about Internet connection (SDSL) with dedicated bandwidth in the range say in between 1Mbps onward to run multiple E1/T1 digital gateways for Mobile Call Termination in Poland
slwkk 2 | 228
14 Jun 2007 #9
Well, then you have to contact with larger ISPs and negotiate price. Some links for you:
OP shabuz
14 Jun 2007 #10
Many thanks slwkk

This will help me a lot to dig into the project. However, what about Mobile Call tariff per minute in Poland in general and in between different Mobile operators cross-network connections ? I mean how much they charge to customers per minute, do all of the operators charge in flat rate to customers, or they charge differently, in this regard, who is most cost effective mobile operator ?
18 Jun 2007 #11

I can help you to establish VoIP business, I have software and a team of engineers to setup and configure almost any VoIP project at an affordable rate.

- Calling cards billing
- Pc-to-phone
- Callback
- Softswitch LCR
- Voicemail,
- PBX/IP centrex,
- Conference call,
- Virtual Fax
- Call waiting
- Call Fraud blocking,
- CRM and Toll Free numbers setup
- Wireless
- And others

Don’t hesitate to offer something new to your customers!

Best regards,
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Beyondtel 1 | 7
26 Jun 2007 #12
i am James from China. My company is the voip hardware manufacture. We can provide you the usb phone,ip phone&ip gateway(2/4 ports). I hope we can cooperate here to develop poland market together. you can add my msn.gongjunjie(at) Thanks
geln - | 1
26 Nov 2007 #13
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23 Dec 2007 #14
Hi all, we at Caroline Classic Rock are looking for Polish advertisers to advertise on the station, if anyone is interesting then e-mail us at
Michalp - | 1
28 May 2010 #15
I see today all Polish number available. Have anyone try this already or is it working or no please?

is working for voip?
emacraner - | 4
1 Oct 2010 #16
Virtual Phone number and local phone number will work with VOIP service.
jacekUK - | 1
22 Nov 2011 #17
Merged: VOIP Gateway Business in Poland

I am planning to setup a VOIP gateway in Poland and needs some advice. I am looking for VOIP providers in particular to terminate the calls to mobiles and landlines.


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