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The Polish Government Tax Office - need a phone number or email

Vladamir 2 | -
17 Jul 2011 #1

does anyone have the phone number/email for the Polish Government tax authorities? I am looking for the department that deal with investigations in tax evasion, and declaring income.

Any help would be kind.

Thank u
Mortuus - | 1
30 Jul 2011 #2

Hi! U from the Russia Vladamir? I had same the question, so I respond. I contact
Michal Bessenski from Polish Minister Finance frauds offices. Maybe name he give is anglicized to Polish, as dont appear regular Polish type. Use googles for his tel (Maybe his for first is name Michal?). I help you if need.

I had small problems with this. I report fraud claims to Police about the persons who try to do the false reports and frauds on me on internet. Police finded out this fake frauds and now guy in prison for 5 years, this like fellony type frauds, high levels. I happy about this, was quite simple for getting done.

Sorry my English not so good, I'm only second years study it.

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