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What is "prowizja" in a loan?

Peter_H 3 | 47
25 Oct 2011 #1
Hi folks,

I have a quick question I hope someone can answer.

When taking out a cash loan what exactly is the Prowizja? I understand that this a payment taken by the bank, but I don't understand how exactly it's calculated.

If the loan is 5000zl and the bank prowizja 3%, does this mean 3% of the capital (5000zl) or 3% of the capital and the interest over the life of the loan?

Also, is the prowizja included in any quoted APR?

Anyone with any experience of this? I've not heard of prowizja in the UK or if it exists it's swallowed up in the total interest payment.

Any help would be much appreciated.

pawian 177 | 14,533
25 Oct 2011 #2
I've not heard of prowizja in the UK

Commission? Or remuneration?
OP Peter_H 3 | 47
25 Oct 2011 #3
Yes, pawian, commission would seem accurate, but I generally don't see provision or commission quoted in loan prices in the UK. I think it's probably placed in the APR.

Looking here: further down the page.

prowizja is one of the main things listed.
Kamil_pl - | 59
28 Oct 2011 #4
When you move your mouse cursor on the prowizja word, it is explained what it is. It is written that it's taken only one time when you recieve your loan. If you take 10k, you will pay 300 zł prowizja.

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