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Poland Carpentry Certification question .. !

ffgg 1 | 1
26 Sep 2011 #1
Does anyone know what the highest level of certification is for carpenters / master carpenters in Poland ? Or what sort of license / certification is required ? For example, for Canadian carpenters, this would be the 'Red Seal Endorsement' which would cover all provinces. Any help, or pointers to where I might look would be super. Unfortunately my Polish skills are still at chapter 3, 'Welcome to Poland' level so I am unable to conduct proper searches in Polish.

Thank you for your time and have a good day!
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
26 Sep 2011 #2
I am afraid i cannot help you with the title of the Polish Carpentry Certification if there is any but i know that Polish Carpentry is one of the most famous in the world. The Carpenters who built those amazing wooden chalets in Zakopane are doing projects all over the world so maybe for you the best would be to contact the Zakopane townhall to ask them about that.
boletus 30 | 1,366
26 Sep 2011 #3
Guilds and trade chambers are the socio-professional organizations, bringing together artisans working in the industry or several related occupations. They organize courses to raise the level of professional skills, they teach professional ethics, and they represent interests of members of the guild or the chamber.

Those are the regional organizations; each voivodship and/or district has its own one. You may wish to contact one of those regional organizations. [Guild=Cech, Chamber of Crafts = Izba Rzemieślnicza.]

The Polish keywords, corresponding to "carpentry" are: ciesielstwo or ciesiołka, and related one is stolarstwo - furniture making. These two professions often overlap in Poland. Cieśla is a worker who does carpentry and stolarz makes "stoły and stołki, etc" - tables and stools, etc.

Referring to LwowskaKrakow: Here is one add from Zakopane:

(name and address elided)

Domy z bali.Technologia spod Giewontu. Nowoczesne wykonanie. Więźby i pokrycia dachowe. Drewniane wykończenia wnętrz. Budujemy już 20 lat w całym kraju.

Log houses. Technology from foothills of Tatra [Giewont is a mountain in Zakopane - boletus]. Modern implementation. Rafters and roofing. Wooden interior finishing. We are in business for 20 years and we work all over the country.

LwowskaKrakow post may have exaggerated a little bit, but Polish Górals (Highlanders) - being born carpenters - have no problems of finding jobs as carpenters in Canada. I happen to know two brothers that run a very successful carpentry business in Toronto. At one point they were employed by ROM museum in Toronto to prepare an exhibition of various kinds of wooden houses - ranging from native habitations to ecologically efficient modern houses.
OP ffgg 1 | 1
27 Sep 2011 #4
Thank you LwowskaKrakow and boletus! I have been to Zakopane and the beautiful chalets caught my eye immediately! I fell in love with the structures and workmanship ! Being able to stay in one during my trip there made my trip so wonderful. I would love nothing more than to see some of this style done overseas by the craftsmen from the area. As of right now, I am trying to find out what sort of regulations / formal requirements are needed for Polish carpenters to provide when they go to work on a project overseas so wondered about some kind of 'official titles' they might have. I will try the regional organizations as suggested.
22 Nov 2011 #5

Sealing log house Tatras Mountains village Nowe Bystre

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