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Im a Chicago Pole that may marry girl in Poznan (love / EU membership)
101 - ;) What about the EU? Should not solve that issue? ;) Spoken from true...

Lawrychlik - 19 Apr 2010 sascha - 24 Feb 2011
The risk of investing in Europe has risen and Poland has suffered accordingly  2  3
Is it possible to open a home based bakery in Poland?
Tax problem (NIP, REGON, PIT, GUS involved)
From UK to Krakow with my GF and daughter - registration to live/see a doctor?
Starting a catering business - South African Style. Dealing with the restrictions...
13 - For sure! How can one not like Biltong?...

Lawlocobron - 8 Nov 2010 hague1cmaeron - 29 Jan 2011
Nasza Klasa, rumoured to be up for sale for €130m
Vehicle imports from Germany to Poland
Lived in Poland on temporary residency, now getting married. My status in Poland?
Poland car insurance: cash only?
Working rights for an Aussie in Poland?
3 - or think of your own business in Poland....

Lawmjdpole - 17 Jan 2011 Mee - 17 Jan 2011
Car plate numbers in Warsaw
What information is in the Schengen Information System?
What are the bike laws in Poland?
Help advertising and finding a merchant account in Poland, billboard costs.
Poland's Online Services for TAX, ZUS, etc.
Staly Meldunek / Karta Pobytu - achievable for an EU resident?
Shipping Vehicles/Motorcycles to Poland (from Taiwan). Drivers license.
Poland low on national brand chart  2  3
Middle name change in Poland. "Van" or "Von"? I got a double passport (Polish/French).
DELL shifting ops from Ire to PL
Polish business haven't got a clue: Discuss.  2  3
Does a normal Polish citizen working from Polish home need to pay tax for foreign works?
Threatened to serve papers if I don't remove a review about a renting company in Poland  2  3
EU citizen's residency Registration Certificate: Poland application form
Have a Polish drivers licence for one year. And 16 points already. How bad is it?
Sending an air rifle to Poland
Downfall of motor industry in Poland
Poland residency dilemma - illegal worker affecting my income
Currency rates: $ € ₤ zŁ. The interrelationship.
Polish American trying to plan a trip to Poland. Help with legalities on entering country.
11 - rotfl....

Lawmailmann006 - 13 Oct 2010 mailmann006 - 13 Oct 2010
Urząd Skarbowy, I paid too little on my last PIT?
Best Polish returns on $100,000?
No polish bank account, how to pay internet bill
A new car from Poland - Romet 4E
Copywriting rate for websites written in English in Poland?
Opening a US$ Account or Banking a US$ Check - bank transfer fees
Advice for not getting paid for some teaching. Small claims court in Poland?
Problems with Polish Bureaucracy, residency
Exchange €2000 to PLN what is best way?
11 - I used to exchange in kantors but that took a lot of time and effort, now I just take...

Lawheywood100 - 20 Sep 2010 Marek11111 - 21 Sep 2010
TAXES for Foreigner (UK) living in Poland
Can I take the Polish written test and obtain a Polish driving licence?
Can I check land registers in the area of Bytow online?
People who have their businesses in Poland must update or face a fine
19 - Something tells me that many of these "agents" are going to cause a lot of trouble for Asians...

Lawwelshguyinpola - 28 Dec 2009 delphiandomine - 12 Aug 2010
Brit obtaining driver licence in Poland
Advice required about opening a Serbian restaurant in Krakow
24 - I mean sp. z o.o. (sole shareholder company)....

LawDjuriic - 11 Jul 2010 gregor - 9 Aug 2010
Polish passport service for a new born baby?
Red Tape - Polish drivers licenses
7 - Well well well, it looks like you can drive vans up to 7.5 t. And minibuses with up to...

LawWroclaw Boy - 30 Jul 2010 SzwedwPolsce - 31 Jul 2010
Australian in Warsaw married a Pole - Polish permanent resident permit advice
6 - lol.. glad i could help. :D :D...

Lawsharpman007 - 21 Jul 2010 plk123 - 21 Jul 2010
Settlement permit (married to a Polish guy)
How much does the average pole have in cash savings?  2
36 - coins, land in Caribbean... ;) jewels? I have not looked into that yet....

Lawmoneymad - 16 Jul 2010 f stop - 19 Jul 2010
Poland's going forward while Britain is still trying to wake up  2  3
Bringing my young son to Poland on a Schengen Visa
Driver's licence - How to exchange British one to Polish legally?  2
Driving permits in Poland
6 - great! thanks!...

Lawazael - 3 Jul 2010 azael - 3 Jul 2010
US Marrying Polish in Poland
Public Sector Website in Poland
Buying 2nd hand cars - UK or Poland
7 - you can try this easyexport pl as alternative....

Lawskibum - 16 Mar 2010 denimrenault - 21 Jun 2010
× Polish passport for a Pakistani guy in Poland?
20 - I don't see what's so risky about telling some truths to a 1.65 Paki?...

Lawjust - 14 Jan 2010 Miguel Colombia - 20 Jun 2010

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