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Those of us in Sterling GBP are having our backsides kicked

Seanus 15 | 19,706
3 Jul 2011 #31
That could be part of their corporate code. Ingvar Kamprad, CEO of IKEA, does it that way. Are you sure they weren't Scottish? ;) ;)
OP BritinPoland 6 | 121
5 Jul 2011 #32
5-05-2010 1 x GBP = 4.7341 PLN GBP PLN transfer rate on 05/05/2010
4-05-2010 1 x GBP = 4.5825 PLN GBP PLN transfer rate on 04/05/2010

Anyone recall what gave GBP a boost or PLN a kick between the 4th and 5th May 2010 to cause the Pound to gain an unusual amount of ground overnight back then?

Bureau de change here in Poland offering 4.27zl today, around the lowest its been for some time.
5 Jul 2011 #33
All those interest rate hikes have made the złoty an attractive buy.

Between 4/5 May: wait, those figures don't tally, where do you have them from? Is that a retail bank rate? The currency markets jumped from 4.38 to around 4.51 May 1-3.

Edit: D'oh, I was looking at 2011. Sorry. This is because the Złoty went down with the Euro on the first of the Greek news. The GBP/EUR and GBP/PLN rates are pretty tightly correlated.
Wroclaw Boy
5 Jul 2011 #34
Between 4/5 May: wait, checking that out.

It dropped lower in March 2010.
Ironside 50 | 10,906
5 Jul 2011 #35
they've got a nice track record of whining and protesting against every Government that doesn't give in to their ridiculous demands

Government should do something about it, they are getting paid ain't they ? All those taxes, do not tell me it all goes for social programs, cause it ain't.

What so ridiculous about Solidarity demands eh? They give in to all sorts of lobby groups and most of all into banks demands.
Why out of sudden they claims are ridiculed by the likes of you.

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