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Is running a business in Poland very profitable?

delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
2 Sep 2011 #31
look as Tesco with their 3 quid for a pair of jeans in the UK. Jeans in the Polish Tesco are four to five times more expensive.

Again - comparing apples and oranges. Tesco in the UK was selling "Tesco Value" jeans - whereas in Poland, they're not going for that segment of the market. You can't compare the two.

Tesco clothes in Poland are much more expensive than in the UK and Tesco are shameless at ripping off Polish people

There's not much difference in price if you compare like-for-like - Tesco here simply isn't selling to the bottom end of the market, probably quite deliberately after their previous strategy failed.

for example, I bought a set of carpets for my car and ... you guessed it... they were for a right hand drive car
could you return them? could you b*ggery

Were they described as such?
hythorn 3 | 580
3 Sep 2011 #32
Were they described as such?

no, they were described as car mats

Tesco UK and PL sell many identical lines of clothing except the Polish prices are generally more expensive
if there is a line of clothing that you cannot get in the UK often the quality is awful

don't tell me, you know Tesco's master plan in Poland
beckski 12 | 1,617
3 Sep 2011 #33
Is running a business in Poland very profitable?

I wonder how well Antiques & Collectible shops do financially. I'm sure they do exist; but I didn't see too many of them, during my visit to Poland.

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