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For current and prospective workers. Discuss job opportunities and challenges of Poland's labour market. (page 18)

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What am I allowed to say about a company on the Internet without getting sued
Any TEFL teachers in Poland out there?
Can I use my English hgv licence to get jobs in Poland?
Teaching Architecture in Poland
Why does the Brytania School of English always advertise for more teachers?
Best TEFL course to take in Poland?
Price of live entertainment in Poland (Torun)
English with a Polish girlfriend. Experience in engineering, machines - working in Poland?
Advice on Polish courses in Krakow
Process and Resources to find a job in Poland for an IT professional
is 2500zl a fair enough wage for on average 50 hours a week (Poland)?
22 - They do and the amount of dust that throws up....

Workharford - 21 Feb 2011 Wroclaw Boy - 22 Feb 2011
Do Polish workers get cheated on hours?
15 - I can and I am not a guy. I am happy that you get paid for the hours...

WorkMARZENKA - 17 Feb 2011 aphrodisiac - 22 Feb 2011
Moving to Warsaw - any advice on my new life and job prospects?
14 - Forget it if you're a student - there are no jobs in Poland for foreign students. If...

Workmousey75 - 3 Jan 2010 delphiandomine - 3 Feb 2011
Polish schoolteachers are being crushed by the system
Opus Dei opens school in Warsaw
21 - I imagine that that would have been bleeding from a different place....

Workpoland_ - 29 May 2010 Harry - 18 Jan 2011
any tips how to find English teaching job in south Poland near Krakow?
Do they have language cafes in Poland?
How to get to job at Krakow Business Park?
Working as a Spanish language teacher in Kraków. Wages, living cost, etc.
Student considering a move to Poland; prospects of employment?
5 - Great advice...

Workrmcf - 28 Dec 2010 hague1cmaeron - 30 Dec 2010
Residence Permit for an Australian in Poland. Applying for another one..  2
41 - We want to hear the happy ending story......

Workstuckaustralian - 12 Oct 2010 poland_ - 21 Dec 2010
Poland CIS migration RULES 2011
5 - First time I see a Russian jealous of polish girls....

WorkGreedy_Bear - 14 Dec 2010 southern - 19 Dec 2010
Favourite English textbook (to learn/teach from)?
Education in Poland - system and structure  2  3  4
Native English speaker from the US better than from the UK to find a job in Poland?
If you were to compere Polish Unis and Unis/Colleges in your country...  2  3
Polish students among best in OECD  2
Pros and Cons of studying for a Semester in Krakow
From the USA, is it hard to study in Poland?  2
Polish classes - Does it work for students learning Polish language?
Intl business degree in Poland?
5 - Hmm ya I think my plan now is to get a bachelors in Krakow University of Econ and then...

Workclifborder4fm - 26 Nov 2010 clifborder4fm - 2 Dec 2010
Moving to Europe from US (hopefully to Poland). IT, Programming, technology market?
Doing my course in Krakow, working in EFL in Poland (newbie questions)  2
What qualifications are needed for English teachers in Poland?  2
Internship in Poland (if you don't speak Polish) Tourism, Food Production, Cooking
Venezuelan person asking for some advice about a job and a working visa in Poland
Moving to Warsaw from UK to do a contract work for a company
Jobs in ICT for an English speaker, Kielce
6 - Whats your skillset slide?...

WorkSlide - 13 Oct 2010 DarrenM - 22 Oct 2010
Moving to Poland (from the UK) to take a teaching position. Tips?  2
Brazilian moving to Poland - job ideas, Polish language, other tips?
30 - Hi. I have a Brazilian girlfriend and have had with her for over 4 years. In the future...

Workbrazilii - 26 Mar 2008 krzysztof1984 - 12 Oct 2010
Polish Citizenship...for travel and studies and MEDICAL work.
4 - It's good to know that this is all about making a life in Poland....

WorkGeorge8600 - 2 Sep 2010 richasis - 29 Sep 2010
Poland teaching contract withdrawn at last minute, thoughts?
Can my husband work abroad with his TRC and come back to Poland?
How much do qualified accountants get paid in Poland?
3 - Anything between 1800 to 10k, depends higher earners work for their own companies....

Workpowrotdogdansku - 5 Sep 2010 dtaylor5632 - 5 Sep 2010
I'm desperate for some employment advice in Poland and I'm not speaking about teaching English!
Self employed teacher, what do you think about this?
Job situation for hairdressers or barbers in Poland
4 - It isn`t too good. I decided to grow my hair really long....

Workphillips - 29 Aug 2010 pawian - 30 Aug 2010
Teaching English/CELTA at the IH, Krakow
13 - Utter rubbish!...

Workselfawaken - 19 Apr 2007 Harry - 26 Aug 2010
Moving to Poland from the USA. Question concerning CELTA certificate.I need help  2
I want to move to Poland (but of course we need to find a good job)  2  3  4
Getting an entertainment Gig in Poland - how to go about it?
European Union and living/working in Poland
Job prospects for an English (and German) speaker in Poland?
Moving for TEFL job to Poland, what can I expect?
Studing IT (information) in Szczecin - some questions
2 - Their website isn't working?....

Workhuby07 - 22 Jul 2010 Tlum - 29 Jul 2010
Private teaching and Polish law
Is it normal for companies/schools in Poland to be rude?  2  3  4
116 - In Greece it is the same.I had noticed when I was learning english that english teachers had a...

WorkSparkle_Ravelle - 12 Feb 2010 king polkakamon - 25 Jul 2010
Negotiating a decent contract. Setting boundaries with employers in Poland
7 - The key stage is in the preliminary part. Beyond that, it's a HARD slog....

WorkRogalski - 24 Jul 2010 Seanus - 25 Jul 2010
Resignation fee in Poland - any way to avoid it?
From Malaysia and I'm about to study in Poland ...advice please
4 - Glad to hear that..thank you... :) thanks so much Sokrates. I'm learning to cook here in...

WorkDrSmartyPants - 10 Jul 2010 DrSmartyPants - 11 Jul 2010

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