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For current and prospective workers. Discuss job opportunities and challenges of Poland's labour market. (page 19)

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Some opinions about current pay rates (normal pay per hour for housekeeping in Poland)...
CV for polish job market
Work Permits and dependants for US citizen (hired by a school in Poland)
Would previous experience be necessary to teach english in poznan
Boyfriend going to Poland from the US to study may possibly live there
10 - Polish culture...

Workgranddiviner - 28 Feb 2010 SzwedwPolsce - 23 Jun 2010
I am researching the way Design Techology Textiles is taught in Poland
Renewing working visas while still in Poland?
Is teaching English the only way for a foreigner to work in Poland?
Trojmiasto Job Forecast in Five Years
8 - yes if you old enough but if not then you might end on Russian front...

Workkrakuskabanos - 18 May 2010 Marek11111 - 21 May 2010
How much does a non-skilled worker get in Poland per hour?
KFC or Mc Donalds, do you need a resident card to work here?
19 - I.M.O. ;-)...

WorkOmar - 14 May 2010 ShawnH - 14 May 2010
Polish qualifications, what are they worth ?  2  3  4  5
A few questions for regarding EU and Poland - worker registration
8 - Thank you very much for the answers. They helped me a lot! God Bless....

WorkSpaceman77 - 14 Apr 2010 Spaceman77 - 14 Apr 2010
Polish MD degree; is it the same as MMed?
English classes in Polish? (college)
Are Educational Documents from 3rd World Immigrants Scrutinised?
Canadian working in Poland? How do I go my taxes?
ftp program used in Poland?
4 - any properly written- yes, will work....

Workbluebowling - 17 Mar 2010 RubasznyRumcajs - 17 Mar 2010
TEFL Teacher training from Poland?
Warning - InterCollege - Teachers beware
The concept of an independent contractor in Poland
Do private ESL schools in Poland operate year-round?
Veteranary Internship in Poland
Moving to Krakow from London, worrying about finding a job
Do Polish employers regularly fire pregnant workers?
Have just moved to Warsaw and need some job advice...
Does it make sense to move from the UK to Wroclaw for this salary?  2
50 - this is very good salary...

WorkKiltmaker - 14 Oct 2009 easybabe - 18 Feb 2010
Have been offered a job in Warsaw - should I move to Poland??  2
Belgian applying for a financial job in Poland with question
7 - but definitetly there is a lot of scope in your feild here in finance and accounting...

Workolivier44 - 26 Jun 2009 webcrawler - 18 Feb 2010
Poland is headhunting seriously in IT, Finance and HR.  2
Polish translation Masters in Europe
27 - Translators are many now here in Poland...

WorkDzioobek - 26 Jan 2010 jeetan - 18 Feb 2010
Any good website for an English native looking for a job in Poland?
9 - try or

WorkLouis001 - 28 Jan 2010 easybabe - 18 Feb 2010
Working on Spouse Visa/Residency Permit from home for Non polish company
3 - In a nutshell - yes, you can do this in any Schengen country. There may be an issue...

Workjohnny5 - 10 Feb 2010 delphiandomine - 15 Feb 2010
Job prospects in Gdynia / Trojmiasto ?
5 - you could let me know when you in gdynia, i live here as well and maybe i could...

WorkAgata710 - 8 Dec 2009 childwithin - 10 Feb 2010
Daily Tiffin food service for Office workers
Salary in BiaƂystok (Master) on Informatics
Speaking Foreigner Languages Job in Poland = CUSTOMER CARE
Working in Poland in a Non-Polish Speaking Job? - How? What? (no teachers!)
Looking for information on Polish AF Pay
City and Guilds Pitman examinations
3 - Ok but i Heard that htese City and Guilds are the new Black so to speak. I just wanted...

Workwelshguyinpola - 8 Jan 2010 welshguyinpola - 8 Jan 2010
Warsaw Business District (banks, insurance, legal, textile)
5 - Try:

Workkev - 10 Nov 2007 peter_olsztyn - 29 Mar 2009

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