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Any advice about moving to Katowice area (Zory) to work?

todiak 3 | 10
3 May 2011 #1
im moving to pl any advice polish not great still learning what is work situation for irish wanting to work in zory katowice area of poland
OP todiak 3 | 10
3 May 2011 #3
i have load of experience in rail industry having been a train driver also have worked in security and am thinking of doin tefl course
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
3 May 2011 #4
What was your degree in?

Forget the rail industry. Jobs are very hard to get for PKP or its affiliates. Also, you would need perfect Polish. You don't mention how well you speak the language.
peterweg 37 | 2,319
5 May 2011 #5
Don't speak Polish and don't have any qualifications? you will be lucky to get paid 1500 pln per months as a labourer.

Working in an bar would be a possibility, though.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
5 May 2011 #6
Same money though - and even then, are there likely to be much bars there?

It's really not a place I'd advise moving to if the person needs to find work there.
5 May 2011 #7
am thinking of doin tefl course

That is probably your best bet. Starting off by teaching EFL is a good way of making contacts and paying the rent.

As for your rail industry experience, well, I suppose that after you've taught for a couple of years you could get together with somebody hooked in and try to market English for Specific Purposes (railway English) courses. Or start running summertime tours of Poland to look at things like Polish steamtrains (which still operate regular schedules services in Poland).
OP todiak 3 | 10
7 May 2011 #8
i thought as much about working in the railways there, i have a degree in social care
my polish is basic if im honest but am taking lessons
thanks for the advice :-)

thanks for all the replies good and bad, my referral to scumbags which has caused a stir was down to the fact that less than 2 weeks ago my wife who is polish was mugged in city centre and the fact she is 8 months pregeant was a major worrying point and has shown me how low things have got now some here might call my comments racist or something else

who in their right minded mugges a pregeant woman??????????

that lack of respect for the police here and the fact it seems if you work hard pay your taxes play by the book you get crap in return.

i am irish and proud of it.
i dont see a future here for my wife and me and she has often said she wants to return home where in here words she feels safe

so please feel free to make your comments thats what forums are all about

i will not say sorry for my views whatever anyone thinks keep im mind when you get a phone call from your wife who is a&e saying she had been mugged

what would feel like i think many would feel the same
anyway i have had my say on this

also my first post was looking for advice on moving to poland i thought i would get from people that had made the move seem from the posts here not many have made such a move
Ajb 6 | 232
7 May 2011 #9
Katowice - Don't expect to much from the city as its dirty, gray and full of concrete! I've been there many times and have friends who live in the city. I have also observed that the student population is quite high so jobs in bars and restaurants and normally given to students.

In and around Katowice there are quite a few company headquarters and engineering plants where maybe they need English speakers, but again this is very often given to recent graduates.

My advice is to do your CELTA and get teaching, as this will be the best option for you in the short term to get some money going.

If you decide to head on over and need any help or more information PM me as i only live about 50km from Katowice.

Good luck
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
7 May 2011 #10
i dont see a future here for my wife and me

So just go back where you came from. What's the problem ?
jwojcie 2 | 763
7 May 2011 #11
As I understood, his Polish wife was mugged in Ireland...
But that can happen anywhere in the world...

Anyway, Katowice is a center of quite big conurbation, there is also Krakow not far away, in total almost 5 mln of people so sooner or later todiak should be able to find something. But in most cases language is essential.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
7 May 2011 #12
My advice is to do your CELTA and get teaching, as this will be the best option for you in the short term to get some money going.

It's the best option by miles - Katowice (as far as I know?) has plenty of work for native speakers, no doubt because it's ugly, depressing and not a nice place to live :P
OP todiak 3 | 10
7 May 2011 #13
thanks for the advice

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