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Student considering a move to Poland; prospects of employment?

rmcf 1 | -
28 Dec 2010 #1
Hi guys,

Just after having a look through the forums I've noticed a few people in similar circumstances to myself and I've been looking into my options as I move into the last months of studying my degree.

So why am I considering moving to Poland?

Well, I first visited parts of the country last summer and no matter where I went I enjoyed the people, the food, the way of life, the architecture etc. I was even lucky enough to go to Barcelona later in the summer but in many ways I was more impressed by Poland.

I left home aged 18 and moved to a different country within the UK to study a history degree at a great university. And despite the independence and opportunities I've been more than delighted to take during my time as a student it's obviously going to be pretty hard to get a job no matter where I look, and no matter what industry I look within. Coupled with studying at university I have looked to gain experience in a variety of industries such as in media where I currently organise audio and video for a social enterprise's website, while I also presented radio on student radio. Apart from this experience in broadcast media I write sports blogs, as sport is also the area that I work with in broadcast media. I have also served as a student representative in a student union board of management having been elected by the membership of the union.

As I leave university I feel like I've done quite well for myself, I've looked for chances to show my skills and I believe I've done a good job of showing them. At the moment I'm spending my spare time learning the Polish language (difficult though it is), in an effort to broaden my employment prospects as well as to help me enjoy my future visits to Poland.

What I am hoping you can help me with is whether I currently have any prospects of employment within Poland? What else can I do to find employment? As I say, I have varied skills and am pretty keen to experience life in a new country. As such, I am refusing to rule out a job in any industry.

Anyway, thanks for reading, if you've got any input it would be great to hear as I'm trying to gather more information to weigh up my options.

peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
28 Dec 2010 #2
any prospects of employment within Poland?

Be aware that we aren't as patient as you with non speaking Polish workmates
and you may be perceived as a threat to our well known world order in company ;)
terri 1 | 1,664
28 Dec 2010 #3
My 2p's worth-
....Remember that in Poland, there are also students 9from good Unis) who have completed their MA or PhD studies, who speak Polish and English (very often additional languages as well) who may be competing with you for the same jobs.

You must show any prospective employer just what it is that you have/done that no one else has done and convince them that you are worth employing. This may prove to be harder than you think.
Ashleys mind 3 | 452
28 Dec 2010 #4
Alls I can say is hold your head up and march into your new life whatever it is you want to do. Hey, you're young, resilient, adept, and determined.

Poles are sceptical, but if you can project optimism, it may work in your favour, but society in Poland is different generally and there are a lot of educated, clever people there looking for a better day. However the economy is still in gestation so if you have something bright to offer, go out there like a light and be a beacon to other young people who want to contribute something positive.

Really, the future is yours... you own it. Go out on a limb and Good luck!

Home / Work / Student considering a move to Poland; prospects of employment?
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