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Intl business degree in Poland?

clifborder4fm 20 | 35
26 Nov 2010 #1
Hey guys I am about to finish up my 4 year degree here in the states in Eastern European studies and i was thinking about pursuing an international business degree in Poland and eventually go for my masters at University of Warsaw (Kazminski I believe it is). I guess Im just looking for opinions on getting a future with is degree. I heard Poland's economy is growing but how much? Would this be a beneficialy degree along with being fluent in Polish and English?

stallion 3 | 15
27 Nov 2010 #2
I think the most important thing in this situation would be to check the schools and the programs accreditation (and make sure the accrediting body is recognized internationaly - mainly US if you ever want to comeback to the states you want the degree to be worth something). As long as the program is accredited, I'm sure it would not hurt to have it under your belt.
OP clifborder4fm 20 | 35
28 Nov 2010 #3
What about Krakow University of Economics?

Is anyone familiar with Kozminski University? How is it as far as a business school goes? Its ranked pretty high in terms of international business schools.
30 Nov 2010 #4
A few of my colleagues are grads from there. The school is well thought of in Poland.
OP clifborder4fm 20 | 35
2 Dec 2010 #5
Hmm ya I think my plan now is to get a bachelors in Krakow University of Econ and then pursue my masters at Kozminski.. Be cheaper and can spend the 1st couple years close to my family and adjust to Polska.

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