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Pros and Cons of studying for a Semester in Krakow

5 Dec 2010 #1
Just wondering the Pros and Cons of studying for a semester in Krakow, Is the City friendly to students,easy to navigate, housing options ect Thanks for your input !!
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
5 Dec 2010 #2
Really nice city, especially in the warm part of the year. A lot of young people.

However, cheap accommodation is not very easy to find.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
5 Dec 2010 #3
Hello DOLLARBILL, and welcome to the Polish Forums. Krakow's a great city! Good luck.
5 Dec 2010 #4
Please check this out for affordable short and long-term Accommodation at the very best location in krakow

malwinaflower 1 | 11
5 Dec 2010 #5
I've lived in Krakow for 4 years, studying and working, and I highly recommend this city. It's very student friendly; actually, sometimes people refer to Krakow as "the student city". The prices in many places, like museums, clubs, restaurants, or even the bus tickets are cheaper for students. The con is definitely quite expensive accomodation, but that would be it :) other aspects of studying here are advantageous.

I bet you will enjoy it. Have fun!
frdalloway 1 | 19
5 Dec 2010 #6
I spent the whole August in Cracow and it was amazing. Not only Cracow is easy to navigate on your own, but also people are very friendly for foreigners. Poles speak quite good English, you won't have problems with communication or asking for a direction.

I definitely recommend going in spring or summer. I have contact with Poles I've met during my stay and they say that now is freezing!
pozaluista 1 | 4
6 Dec 2010 #7
Poles are real good people.
I admire them. I am currently living in DUBAI, UAE and I would
love to have Polish friends of any age and gender.
You can write me at: pozaluista@gmail

Rob, Dubai
clifborder4fm 20 | 35
7 Dec 2010 #8
I studied abroad in Krakow 2 summers ago and had the time of my life. My friend is currently studying there for the semester and loving it as well. Contact these guys and they will get you straightened out with living, classes, everything:

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