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Advice on Polish courses in Krakow

florence33 1 | 4
27 Jan 2010 #1

I am looking for a good language school to learn Polish in Krakow.

I have found quite a few of them online but I was not really convinced by any of them.

Have anyone an advice?

Thanks a lot!

tonywob 6 | 43
27 Jan 2010 #2
I'd recommend these guys:

I have used their course materials and they come highly recommended
OP florence33 1 | 4
27 Jan 2010 #3
Thanks for the link.

I have already contacted that school and they seem OK.

My problem is that most schools (including Prolog) seem quite vague on their number of students, the number of hours and the exact location of the courses....
lunchbox 1 | 22
31 Jan 2010 #4

I don't know who exactly they take.. but I did see people that didn't seem to be students anymore.
Anyhow, I took some classes there and would highly recommend it :) If that helps at all.
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
1 Feb 2010 #5
I would also recommend Prolog, excellent but pay them directly at the school on 37 Bronowicka and avoid the other school further away on the same street .
OP florence33 1 | 4
3 Feb 2010 #6
I think I will go for Prolog as their buildings and courses seem quite fine....Thanks :-)
barfly - | 1
25 Feb 2011 #7
I recommend you this one:

Poliglota is very good!
frdalloway 1 | 19
26 Feb 2011 #8
I can recommend Glossa School in Krakow. I participated in their course last summer, they have a very good Polish book (Polski Krok Po Kroku), experienced teachers and a very rich social plan (including pub evenings with teachers, many trips, Cracow walks etc). Here is their website:

You can also check their Facebook page (Glossa - School of Foreign Languages).

Best regards!

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