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How to get to job at Krakow Business Park?

ma101nx 4 | 20
11 Jan 2011 #1
Hello all

I'm moving to Krakow at the end of the month to start up a job at the Krakow Business Park. What are the best ways of getting there from the centre of Krakow? Bus? Train? Tram? I know the train goes there on quite a regular basis but what about the other forms of public transport?


paulinska 9 | 86
11 Jan 2011 #2
You can also catch buses to KBP although, i don't seem to remember the bus numbers.
The tram route to Bronowice should pass closer to KBP, i would have thought. I'm not entirely sure but may be someone on here is more informed than i am, my info could be entirely outdated (last used MPK krakow in 2008).
Polish Tutor - | 80
11 Jan 2011 #3
The best would be the train from Kraków Główny (the main train station) to Zabierzów (train stop Business Park)

You have also other options:
OP ma101nx 4 | 20
13 Jan 2011 #4
Thanks guys for the details, much appreciated

Olaf 6 | 956
13 Jan 2011 #5
Yep, basically train and car. Both are strugle, but I'd choose the train from the main central station. Goes 15 min. to KBP, ticket is around 2.5 PLN and you dont need to look for a parking space which is scarce at KBP at the moment.

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