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Poland CIS migration RULES 2011

Greedy_Bear 1 | 1
14 Dec 2010 #1
Hi dere, I've heard about new migration rules of Poland that starts from 2011; according that Russians, Belarussians, and Ukrainians recieve more simpler migration regulation.

Due to I want to know about:
average payment (salary) unexperienced force in Warsaw;
poland language courses availability (from russian language preferably);
and about accommodation market (rents, mounth payment etc)
tnx in advance
gbr100 - | 1
17 Dec 2010 #2
I talk with my mailman, local postal clerks, local nurses, and also police officers who are Polish and live in Poland having the jobs I mentioned here. Average Polish person who lives in Poland and has a regular type of job like a butcher, police officer, nurse, or mailman, etc. makes about 1500 zloty per month before taxes. This is inside information here from a Polish speaking person who talks to Polish people in the Polish language. Not from an outside information or source from someone who wouldn't know directly. In small towns and villages occasionaly you can find a house or apartment/flat for under 1000 zl per month, and that is if you look for it. Larger cities, especially Warsaw, if you want a good place to rent will cost like 2000 zl per month. Houses and apartments/flats are very scarce in Poland and cost more than the average person makes per month. Average Polish working person does not rent houses or flats, but either lives with thei family or shares apartments/flats with others who work, or lives with their family in their own apartment/flat that they own, and even if they own it, they are required to pay something called "czynsz" sort like a monthly tax that you have to make monthly payments every month or you lose your house, apartment/flat if payments are not made, in USA would be like not paying mortgage, and this costs about 200 or 300 zl per month even if you own that flat or apartment. Reality is that average income in Poland is about five times smaller than average person's in say Germany or United Kingdom, but expenses are about the same as they are in Germany or the United Kingdom. For example if you go to a store and buy something in Polish zloty, the price of anything similar will cost about the same in Euro, Brittish pound sterling, or US dollar after the currency conversion. If, for example you're buying Energizer batteries and they cost 10 Euro in Germany, those same identical batteries in Poland will cost whatever the conversion rate would be, about 40 or 50 Polish zloty, despite of that the average person makes five times less money. Same thing for everything else. Gasoline for a car costs only 10% less than it does in Germany, but still twice as much than in USA after litre/gallon and currency conversions. But in USA you make about five times as much money, so with that figure gasoline costs 10 times as much in Poland as it does in USA. Despite of that there still is traffic on streets in Polish cities. How, I have no idea? And how do Polish people have money for tires for their cars, and money for petrol/gasoline for their cars I did not live in Poland long enough yet to know. This is reality and inside information. Chances are if you have a normal, regular job, unless you receive a car as a gift probably you will not have one. Only higher income people in Poland can afford to keep a car, average people may have a 20 year old junk if they're lucky. But everything in Poland does exist. You can even pay for a bus ticket when you board a bus with your cell phone. Technology is there. Broadband internet is standard, and costs the same as it does in Germany or United Kingdom. If you go to a mall, you can even buy natural ingredient shampoo for the same price as in France or United Kingdom, of course. But my point is if you have the money, it is there. You can get wireless all in one color copiers in department stores for the same price it goes in USA or Germany. If you are making a top income in Poland, you can have everything that people in Germany or USA have. Almost. A tank of gasoline for your car will still cost $150 US dollars, unfortanately. Poland right now is raising taxes and reducing benefits. National sales, goods and services tax is going up to 23% from 22%, where in USA it is unconstitutional to even have at all and is a federal offense, and the UK has only 17.5%, Germany 19%. Poland is one of the smallest per capita income countries in the European Union although it has one of the highes tax rates and taxes. This is reality. Do not listen to foreign people who are not Polish born because they are not Polish to know all this directly. And they do not. And the Polish roads are not as bad as the taxes and small incomes are and as people say. In Washington DC and New York there are pot holes in the streets that are the size that even Poland has not seen.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
17 Dec 2010 #3

u may find this useful:
OP Greedy_Bear 1 | 1
19 Dec 2010 #4
thnx alot

@gbr100 WELCOME TO RUSSIA it same like Poland i see, but without a resposobility to work in Northern Europe for good money)).
Russia short stats
I'm university graduate specialist!
and average payment in moscow is 800$, regions - 300$ per mounth
rent flat in moscow 833$ p.m in regions appx 330$ + current bills (ab 167$)
any goods and any services tax 25%
social taxes (from payment) - 23% from 2011
gasoline price 1$/liter
brown bread 0,8$/400g
white rice 1$/kg
beef 8,3$/kg
buckwheat 2$/kg !!!!
unemployment official rate is 1,5% unofficial 9%
goods is svine expensive (i buy clothing in scandinavia for istance)
AS RESULT I WANT TO MOVE TO POLAND absolutely + yours girls so hot btw
southern 75 | 7,096
19 Dec 2010 #5
First time I see a Russian jealous of polish girls.

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