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From Alabama to Warsaw - why not? Migration to Poland from United States.

roz303 1 | -
26 Aug 2015 #1
Hi everyone,

I'm an American from the state of Alabama. Recently, I've been toying with the idea about moving to somewhere far away from this land, that'd be in an urban area, for a price that's easy on the wallet. My lifestyle isn't too needy - a small home with basic utilities, internet access, and a job to sustain it. Currently I'm finding Warsaw in general to cost less than where I'm at now, and it provides that beautiful urban atmosphere I adore. So, why not?

But as someone who doesn't speak polish but perfect English, with skills in computer programming and being a frycook, is it actually possible for me to immigrate to Warsaw?

I was thinking of taking a vacation there sometime in order to find a job and a flat (whatever apartments are called out in the east), but I get the feeling that might not be wise.

Thanks for your input!

terri 1 | 1,664
26 Aug 2015 #2
Poland is awash with IT people, unless you can offer something special. Look on jobs available in Poland to ascertain how much you could earn. Then remember, that any employer would need to apply for a work permit for you and prove to the authorities that he cannot find a qualified person in Poland who can undertake the same job.

This may prove to be the stumbling block for you.

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