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USA, Canada

Life and work in the US and Canada from the Polish point of view. Discuss events and share your experience.

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Sending a used laptop from Arizona (USA) to Gdansk (Poland)?
3 - @jon357 Thank you Jon...

USA, CanadaGarmin - 30 Oct 2020 Garmin - 31 Oct 2020
My grievances with the American-Polonia  2
Obtaining Polish passport in the US? What do I need to do?
Is Poland currently able to ship packages to USA?
3 - Thank you for reply! Was it a box or letter? Over or under $100?...

USA, Canadadroyal - 20 Jul 2020 droyal - 20 Jul 2020
Can Americans Travel To Poland After JUN 16, 2020?
Is Poland accepting incoming airplanes coming from the USA?
Nearly 39 million have lost jobs in US since virus took hold
× Church recommendation in or near Traverse City, Michigan?
20 - I sent a message to the local guy here...

USA, CanadaLazarus - 19 May 2020 Lazarus - 23 May 2020
US equipment moving to Poland - electricity questions
What does a Polish person need to visit the USA under the VWP - Visa Waiver Program?
12 - To be fair I didn't know that either. Good to know- thanks...

USA, CanadaPolakito - 25 Nov 2019 Lenka - 26 Nov 2019
I have an OLD Polish passport (live in the US now)
13 - Mine has 5 digits either....

USA, CanadaTooLongOut - 11 Aug 2019 Ziemowit - 13 Aug 2019
Looking for a part time job in Wallington NJ where I can practice Polish
2 - Look at or place a free ad

USA, CanadaBioPattern - 10 Aug 2019 Cargo pants - 10 Aug 2019
There are more billionaires in Poland than in America
8 - Erased? You mean somebody removed this info from the Internet?...

USA, CanadaCargo pants - 30 Jul 2019 Lyzko - 30 Jul 2019
Historic(al) Americans and their ties with Poland/Poles  2  3
78 - But historic but modern - Who?...

USA, Canadapawian - 18 Jul 2019 pawian - 3 Nov 2020
Will U.S. Citizens Need A Visa To Visit Poland Starting In 2021
11 - No visa needed....

USA, Canadajohnny reb - 13 Mar 2019 PolAmKrakow - 29 Jan 2021
An Ashkenazi Jew's Gratitude to Polish Americans
9 - Good, it's a bother for both of us! Just take my word for it, Milo!...

USA, CanadaShitonya Brits - 25 Feb 2019 Lyzko - 27 Feb 2019
Has anyone received US visa on temporary Polish passport?
Small taste of my U.S. prison experience
6 - if you cant do the time, don't do the crime imagine how a young girl must feel...

USA, CanadaSzczelec - 4 Dec 2018 rozumiemnic - 6 Dec 2018
What I like about Poland unlike America  2
I'm struggling with my culture - I grew up Polish in America. DNA test.  2
Obtain Polish Citizenship in US
Would a Polish woman marry to get into the USA?  2
So happy to be Polish-American  2
Acts S.447 and H.R.1226 (Polish American Congress)
Visa and US Army (I live in Poland)
Sending candy from America to Poland - what kind?
Worried about traveling to Poland as Dual Citizen
​Edward Rowny - General, Ambassador, Author, Scholarship Founder, Polish American, Passes into Ancestry
8 - oh yes, communism is coming back in Poland - all UB-eks are rejoicing ... sorry protesting...

USA, CanadaBieganski - 19 Dec 2017 gumishu - 20 Dec 2017
What I don't get about Americans vs Polish  2
33 - Right on Adrian. In Poland the people say: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year In America...

USA, Canadasmsmsksks - 14 Dec 2017 johnny reb - 19 Dec 2017
NEW route Newark - Rzeszow by Poland's LOT  2
Polish people/store/restaurants in Chicago
Poles Living in the Chicago Area  2  3  4  5  6
Any Polish-USA Dual Citizens Returning to Poland and Plan to Renounce USA Citizenship Due to FATCA?
How well Polish immigrants and Polish Americans (including those who speak Polish) get along?
2 - Welcome to PF. I am a Polish-American living in Chicago as well (born in Poland though and fluent in...

USA, Canadajalleluja123 - 12 Oct 2017 Dirk diggler - 12 Oct 2017
If you are an Polish American guy Born to Polish parents living in the US?
2 - How about: school (college / university) or church (Catholic)....

USA, CanadaKlicka83 - 27 Sep 2017 Nathans - 27 Sep 2017
What Airline do you take to Poland from Chicago?  2  3
Polish natural water (16,8 ounce 24 plastic bottles) valued 36,72$ in US online market
× An U.S. lawyer who hates Polish people. Here is an honest question for you guys
5 - the cops were nightmares too i almost fought them multiple times but was so afraid of charges not even...

USA, CanadaPolishUltras - 26 Aug 2017 PolishUltras - 27 Aug 2017
Thousands of undocumented Poles in Chicago  2
33 - The second part is totally false. He has some fuzzy math on how many Serbs live here. Then...

USA, Canadadelphiandomine - 21 Aug 2017 Joker - 29 Aug 2017
Passport with a chip (e-Passport) - Canadian Travel to US from Poland
2 - So... what is your question? And what does it have to do with Poland?...

USA, CanadaClay Elliss - 18 Aug 2017 IloveKefir - 6 Sep 2017
US short-term business visa for Polish citizen
US involvement in Poland.
Polish passport in America; purchasing land in Poland and dual citizenship for husband
Polish Communities/Festivals near Tuscaloosa, AL USA?
Sending a phone from USA to Poland
Snack Exchange - Poland <> US
3 - Thanks! I'll get some special m&Ms to try and get something that's exclusive to the US. And I'll definitely...

USA, CanadaThatNonPolishDud - 24 Jun 2017 ThatNonPolishDud - 24 Jun 2017
Online defamation law in the USA
Polish-Jewish survivor of the Holocaust celebrates her 100th birthday
29 - Ok. So as not to get too off topic here, as 'Polish hatred of Jews' is a different...

USA, Canadadelphiandomine - 29 May 2017 WielkiPolak - 12 Jan 2018
The long and proud links between Polish and American Muslims
20 - Polish Muslims in America since 1981 , good fun worth looking up their videos on you tube I...

USA, Canadadelphiandomine - 29 May 2017 dolnoslask - 30 May 2017
Polish doctor sentenced in US citizenship scam
Oscypek in Los Angeles?
10 - Jacus_UK - That's very kind and generous of you, but I wouldn't want to risk your oscypek. :)...

USA, Canadalosangelino - 12 Oct 2016 losangelino - 12 Dec 2016
Polish mother in law wants to move in - what can we do??
10 - I think that lots women all over the world like to have their mum close when baby is...

USA, CanadaJanken34 - 15 Jul 2016 10iwonka10 - 16 Jul 2016
Flying Toronto- Warsaw with a small dog
Package sent to USA stuck in Origin Post Preparing Shipment in Poland
Will a Bachelor's degree from Poland be recognized by an American university?
Certificate of Good Conduct (no criminal record) from the USA
Polish president wins Canada's support, welcomes Canadian troops
2 - Well well, thanks for posting this Pol...

USA, CanadaPolonius3 - 13 May 2016 Szalawa - 13 May 2016
Moving to Poland to immerse my kids in Polish language and culture. What are the experiences of other parents?
10 - Why not just take them for the Summers? It won't be the same as putting them in a Polish...

USA, CanadaDaisyW - 13 May 2016 Helianthus - 23 Dec 2016
Has anyone with a US or CDN passport recently been subjected to the "Passport Trap" in Poland?
Polish Hosting Etiquette - Who pays?

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