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Car Export from USA / Canada to Poland

synech 1 | 1    
30 Aug 2015  #1
So I was wondering if anyone here knows anything on exporting a car from Canada to Poland. My uncle had asked me to export a Lamborghini from Canada to Poland because it turns out the car is $75000 cheaper than buying it in Germany. So my main questions are this. Will I end up paying VAT or anything like that? I was told that if the car is used (which it is, only has 200 km on it and is 6 months old) I was able to export one every few years or so assuming its in my name? I hold duel citizenship as a Canadian Citizen and as a Polish Citizen. I have residency in both countries. Any information would be GREATLY appreciated.

Melis 2 | 17    
30 Aug 2015  #2
Hi Synech, If you haven't owned the vehicle for the last 6 months you might have an issue. We were told that in order to not pay VAT the car has to been under our name for the last 6 months prior to export, we will have to keep it under our name for a year, prior to clearing customs the car had to be insured in Poland for 6 months ahead. Once those 6 months are up we will have to clear customs once more for another 6 months. So in total we will have to maintain the vehicle under our name for 1 year prior to being able to sell it or trade it. In your case being a citizen you might get away with ridding yourself of the vehicle before hand. while in canada we contacted someone from the polish government website and they replied via email almost immediately. Good luck and I hope this helps.
OP synech 1 | 1    
31 Aug 2015  #3
Thanks for the fast reply. Much appreciated. So your saying that the car has to be registered in my name in Canada for 6 months before i am able to transport it to Poland and then it has to be insured in Poland for another 6 months ahead of time prior shipping the car to Poland?
Melis 2 | 17    
31 Aug 2015  #4
In our case we were told all of the above, I'm not a citizen and my husband is a student with polish background who is currently applying for his citizenship. In your case it might be easier. I am almost certain you will have to have the vehicle under your name 6 months prior to shipping just because they want proof that it is indeed yours and that you are not just exporting for business. If not I think the taxes are 23% of the cost of the vehicle. I hope this helps. Just to be 100% id type them a small email and honestly they'll respond quickly.
zeusTO 1 | 2    
28 Sep 2015  #5
Could you please share the email you used to contact them ?
SLOWIANKA - | 1    
27 Jan 2016  #6
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How we can ship vehicle : 2014 Honda Accord from Canada to Europe?
Sylvio 12 | 83    
2 Jul 2016  #7
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Hi. Does anyone know an affordable,and reliable Polish carrier who could bring me my own truck from Canada to Poland? any advice much appreciated.. Sylvio
3 Jul 2016  #8
Ask Polonez Parcel Services, they'll probably know somebody if they don't ship cars themselves.
Maciek_G 4 | 14    
13 Mar 2018  #9

Do anybody know how much it costs to ship my car from Canada to Poland?

I've tried the search function and nothing, there's a few on importing from the US but not much info in those either. Just wondering on freight cost, fees & approx. time it would take to get there. The car is a 2012 CLS63 and it's gotta be shipped from here (Vancouver) to I guess Gdansk? I have citizenship in both countries, also I heard there is an extra tax on vehicles with larger engines, my car has a 6.2L engine so if anybody knows anything about this topic it would be greatly appreciated.
Alexbrz 3 | 79    
13 Mar 2018  #10
First you have an import tax for importing from outside of EU, and then around 19% (when i did it last year it was 18.8%) of the car's value on registration tax/fee. In short, i think you'll be (much) better of buying yourself one of those here.

Not sure if you are moving from one country to the other, and already have your car for over a year? Then it might be imported as "moving goods" which is a waiver for many taxes.
Richthecat 5 | 48    
13 Mar 2018  #11
Also to register a car you will need a tax number which involves allot of faff took me 4 months
Dirk diggler 7 | 3,864    
13 Mar 2018  #12
Nice car man - I love AMG's...

Yes, you will pay a larger tax due to engine size. Also, you'll spend a lot of money filling up that beautiful engine's gas tank. Gas is far pricier in PL than US/Canada. V8's are pretty rare on even the larger German cars in PL - a lot use smaller turbo'd engines, diesels, etc. Even a 3.5l V6 is considered a fairly large engine by Polish standards.

I know about the process shipping from US but not really Canada. I'm guessing its pretty similar as PL is the destination. Generally you have to own the car for a while I believe 1 year or pay a very large tax (something like a third of the value). Back in the day you could send a crate and it would rarely get inspected.. Now there's 3 dudes that inspect each crate - 2 doing an inspection 1 videotaping everything.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,182    
13 Mar 2018  #13
extra tax on vehicles with larger engines, my car has a 6.2L engine

I only have a tiny 5 litre engine but as far as I can remember the import tax is based on their valuation of the car.
Alexbrz 3 | 79    
14 Mar 2018  #14
Yes, the tax is based on the value of the car, but.... For 2.0 and below its 2.2%, for 2.0 and above its 18.8% of the cars value.

And that is AFTER you pay the tax for importing a car from outside the EU. Im not aware of how high that tax is, but i can assure you its going to be a lot
Tir Auto Sales    
1 May 2018  #15
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