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Export a dog from Poland to Australia

Vitaly 1 | -
28 Jul 2017 #1

I would like to move my dog from Poland to Australia. We are from Gdansk and we don't know Polish language. Any help is very appreciated.

I have to find the government approved veterinarian who can make the rabies vaccination and RNAT test (rabies test).

Government Approved Veterinarian - Government approved/ accredited veterinarians work in clinical settings. They have been approved/ accredited by the government of the exporting country for the preparation (scanning for microchips, clinical inspections, collection of blood samples, treatments etc) of cats and dogs for export.

Could you recommend where I can find a veterinarian who can help us with it? All veterinarians are government approved in Poland? Maybe you know someone who can help us with this process?

Thank you!

Best regards,
Lyzko 25 | 7,145
28 Jul 2017 #2
Is he flying tourist or first-class?

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