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How to export a car from Poland to the UK

mrfluffy 1 | -
2 Jan 2011 #1

I am looking for some advice.

I wish to export my PL registered car to the UK. The UK bit I can handle, but what's the process in PL for de-registration of the vehicle? Any help would be appreciated (process, useful websites etc).

I am living in Wroclaw currently.

Many thanks.

terri 1 | 1,665
2 Jan 2011 #2
In my view not a good idea. Check insurance companies to see who will insure a foreign car in the UK. Also you will have to 'adjust' you car to meet UK standards - otherwise will not get an MOT.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
2 Jan 2011 #3
Why would you want to take a car , which i presume is left hand drive to the UK...?

Unless your car is a valuable classic , you would be better off selling it in Polska and buying another in the UK...

You will sell it for more in Poland than you would in the UK...
g60edition 6 | 175
6 Jan 2011 #4
Also you will have to 'adjust' you car to meet UK standards - otherwise will not get an MOT.

Rear fog light swithed to otherside
Headights but a friendly MOT station will pass it with beam benders
They do recomend to swap KM to MPH easy to do as there are plenty of companies doing overlay kits.I didnt bother.What year is the car? as you may need to fit rear seat belts and side repeaters as not all European models came with them fitted.

You can mot the car on Polish plates as they use the Polish reg number and the cars chasis number

I have reg'd two cars one from Germany and one from Holland both still Left hand drive.Its easy to do but takes up to 10 days now.Insurance was not a problem with LHD cars.

The car I imported from Germany had to have homologation paper work from VW UK as the car was never officially sold in the uk.

When you de reg the car in Poland make sure you retain the cars documants or you will have a big problem getting it regd in the UK.
stuart010 - | 1
23 Jul 2015 #5
Merged: Bringing car from Poland to UK, advice please - should I pay VAT? Re-registration in UK

Could someone please let me know whether I have to pay vat if I bring a car from Poland to the Uk, it was bought brand new in Poland in 2014.

If anyone has done this before please advise, also any experience of re-registration in the uk as obviously the car is currently on Polish plates.
JollyRomek 7 | 481
23 Jul 2015 #6
whether I have to pay vat if I bring a car from Poland to the Uk

Yes, you have to pay VAT if you want to register your car in the UK.
23 Jul 2015 #7
Thanks for the response and answer, I thought as Poland is in the EU all duty would of been paid when the original owner had bought it new.
23 Jul 2015 #8
Yes, you have to pay VAT if you want to register your car in the UK.

Certainly not.

Be prepared though to spend some cash on adapting your car to RHD traffic (headlamps for example).
23 Jul 2015 #9
Niko, massive help thank you, according to the link I should be immune from import duty as it's coming from within the EU. Good point re headlights and other minor adjustments for Uk road legislation
g60edition 6 | 175
3 Aug 2015 #10
No need to splash the cash straight away on headlights etc.I have imported a few vehicles from Germany and reg'd them here in the UK.Granted they are not as new as a 2014.

Things you don't need to do
The speedo does NOT need to read MPH
You do NOT need to change the mirrors
Now to save a few ££ you can just use beam deflectors for the MOT if you don't want too spend money on replacement head lights straight away.

You will have to swap the fog light over to the other side.This is easily done.Put the bulb in the light plate and run a link wire over to the correct side that being right for the UK. DVLA will like to see UK insurance and MOT (even if the car is so new) Along with the cars ownership documents and a certificate of conformity (even if its from the EU)

Now the real PITA is getting insurance,Because you will not have the UK reg unless they will insure on Polish plates and change your document when you get the new reg number.

If not they may do it on the chassis number.And will only do a 2 week cover whilst you are going through the process and they will try and charge you £200 upwards for the privilege.Hunt around for a company that will do cover for the full 12 months on the chassis number

The process to reg a car takes around 5 days.
Good Luck
9 Mar 2019 #11
Hi all hope you can help.
I have just purchased a car in the uk. It is on polish plates. It was originally a uk car but obviously bought and exported/taken to poland.

I have checked with ford and know what the original uk reg was. I have had mot done on vin number and am a bit stuck now. The DVLA process seems easy enough, however according to gov/uk site, I have to inform vosa. I am a bit tuck on this one as it asks if I have imported the car. Would this count as me importing? I have all the polish paperwork and the written agreement has a polish address but I purchased in the uk.

Now starting to panic at exactly how much more this car will cost me. Thanks in advance for any advice
g60edition 6 | 175
15 Mar 2019 #12
Just fill the online NOVA form in and send it with the proof of insurance,MOT,and the orig Polish reg document.
van man dan
13 Dec 2019 #13
hi I have access to hundreds of Iveco fridge vans and chassis cabs ranging from 12 plate up to 64 plate with milage ranging from 60,000 up to just over 200k with new coming in all the time all the vans are 3.5 ton and are mostly in great condition I am looking to export these vans and so I am in need of a polish contact as I have been told that there is a high demand for commercial vehicles in pl can anyone point me in the right direction please.

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