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Poles Living in the Chicago Area

Sylvio 19 | 144
13 Sep 2021 #271
In my time in US I only lived ( as a temping contractor) in IL, TX and CA. But TX suited me most. Probably because I have poor cierculation, and the TX heat all year round was just awesome. The only time I got a great all over tan, too. Without trying. Not sure why, but there were very few Poles there. The only Polish store was somewhere down 75 Express way, near Garland? Chicago felt like I was already in Canada. But yes, very similar climate to back in Poland. CA was good too, but I found it the hardest to make new friends down there. Especially around San Francisco.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,174
13 Sep 2021 #272
but I found it the hardest to make new friends down there. Especially around San Francisco.

Maybe because there is large percentage of LGBTQ people and they stick to there community.
mafketis 32 | 10,516
13 Sep 2021 #273
. Not sure why, but there were very few Poles there

Because a large majority of Polish immigration was to the Foundry (to use Garreu's terminology*) which is where ethnic preservation was generally strongest. By the time their descendants end up in other places they're no longer pol-ams but simply Americans and won't be looking for Polish grocery stores... though the presence of the ancestors of German settlers in some areas might produce something kind of similar...
Joker 2 | 2,159
19 Sep 2021 #274
. Maybe Joker will buy one and tell us :D

I went back this morning and all they had was regular Paczki, perhaps I was too early:( I still bought one and wolfed it down in the parking lot.

I noticed this bottled water from Poland and its cost $8.00 wow! Inflation is really hitting hard here or is it special

My main reason for going to the sklep is the delicious bread:):):)

I've noticed that many Americans like to celebrate their roots

You should get a load of some of these Italians in Chicago then...LOL They have never been to Italy and can be 3rd generation and still think theyre 100% LOL

On St.Patrick Day, everyone claims to be Irish...Ive even seen Mexicans wearing green t-shirts and hats... Its a big celebration and everyone wants in on it:)

Joker 2 | 2,159
12 Jan 2022 #275
Hey Novi, I went to this Polish restaurant in Schaumburg " Bacowka" and Its the hard wooden seats again!

The service is slower than Ugazdy and by the time I left my ass was sore and I was freezing, bc the cheap ass polock has the heat set down to 60 degrees. I asked and was told its always like this.. Do Widzenia Barfola!

The food wasnt that great either. Ugadzy was better. I ordered the Highlander pancake again.

Novichok 2 | 5,401
12 Jan 2022 #276
I know what you can do about that wooden seat...Gain like 100 pounds and you will be fine.
The temp: Before you walk in, gulp a pint of vodka and get into a fight with somebody.
It should also help you with the taste of food - you will not be able to taste anything.
Slow service? Bring something that makes noise. They will want you out fast.

Always helpful,


cheap ass polock has the heat set down to 60 degrees.

Just wait...In six months, they will have 90 inside.
Alien 5 | 595
12 Jan 2022 #277
@Joker ; That seems strange.
Yes, it is strange but even Poles goes eat Italian, Greek or Chinese or Mc. Donalds but not Polish.
Joker 2 | 2,159
15 Jan 2022 #278
He is/was an American crook politician..

He never left Chicago his entire life, but only once to be on Trumps Tv show ( the apprentice ) and he couldn't even check emails on a computer! Hahahaha

We all laugh at Blago, like a clown. He got himself busted because of his own big mouth. He try to sell Obama Senate seat.. " We got this thing and its Phucking golden".

All on tape! LOL

Here is what got him thrown in prison. Hes known the dumbest criminal in the history of Chicago!

Damn prison really made his hair go grey l

It was black and about 6 inches tall when I was talking to him at Taste of Polonia around 10 years ago.

Hes really short around 5'5"
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,842
15 Jan 2022 #279
@Joker I like Blago, I'll take him anyday over that fat prick Pritzker. He's a jewish billionaire pushing that whole equity white guilt b.s. raising taxes on the north side to fund the ghetto south side... meanwhile he rips toilets out a home worth millions so its considered uninhabitable and thus much lower taxes...

But Blago? He's okay in my book. The Chicago pols must've really hated him for him to get set up like that. Everyone that lives here knows that was so minor with all the other political corruption going on. Patronage, bribery, extortion and eventually time in the feds is the name of the game in Chicago politics.

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