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Questions about living in Poland

2 May 2023 #1
Hello! I'm from Spain, my name is Juan (Jan). I got married a couple of years ago here in Poland, I like very much the country and I have visited several areas, places and cities. Nowadays my wife and me came with the question that we would like to have our own house and not to be paying for someone's place like we do actually, we are renting a flat in Krakow and honestly I prefer to give that money to the loan or bank instead of someone and live knowing that the place where we live in is for us.

So according to what I said I would love to make a couple of questions to all of you taking in consideration that I was searching for in the forum and reading posts related.

1-Does anyone know any place or area near krakow (I say krakow because of the airport) who is nice to live, has basic stuff and good connections? Maybe there are more areas so I'm opened to some suggestions.

2-Actually with the inflacja prices are crazy so, does anyone recommend to buy now a house? or just wait for more time?
3-Outside of and are there any websites where my wife and me can check possible houses?
4-As far as we know, houses are being sold with the basic construction and the plot without anything, what's the "cheapest" way to buy the house? buying it basic and finish it by us? is it better to buy a house already finished years ago that some families and people are selling actually? usually those houses were built 30/40/50 years ago and some of them have a nice price. Or is it cheaper to buy the plot and build it? how do the people usually proceed with this?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Cargo pants 3 | 1,500
2 May 2023 #2
Firstly if you want to take a loan it will be over 12% pa,interest rates might go down a point or 2 by the end of the year cuz of elections but should shoot right back up or more after elections.

Buying a unfinished house will be expensive and lot of full time work but you can make it how you like, but buying a already ready to move in will be cheaper.All depends on your financial situation and remember interest rates are not fixed in Poland, people who took loans cpl years back are paying over 60% a month as mortgage.

You can check too
Lyzko 45 | 9,508
2 May 2023 #3
Secure a permanent position somewhere, learn at least the basics of the language,
and you should be fine.
OP jolea
2 May 2023 #4

I'm living here since 2021 and I know my wife since 2016 so I know more than quite basic Polish. About secure a permanent position it depends up to me because I work as 3D artist and many positions don't need the guy physically on site.

About the rest, we would like to find something for end of this year or probably next one.
Lyzko 45 | 9,508
3 May 2023 #5
Knowing the language though is already half the battle. You ought to specialize rather than diversify your skill set, as being an outside puts you in direct competition with native Poles.

Decide what you can do which your fellow job seekers can't and you're more likely to secure a position, perhaps even a permanent one!

When I was thinking about moving to Europe myself umpteen years back, I realized that merely knowing the local lingo wasn't enough, I needed to specialize.

Powodzenia!/Good luck!
Miloslaw 21 | 5,128
3 May 2023 #6
When I was thinking about moving to Europe myself umpteen years back, I realized that merely knowing the local lingo wasn't enough

That is very true.
Hey, Lyzko!!
Nice to see some more sensible posts from you recently.
espana 17 | 949
4 May 2023 #7
I got married a couple of years ago here in Poland

what a horrible place to get married , why in poland?
Lyzko 45 | 9,508
4 May 2023 #8
My pleasure, Milo!
You see? We have indeed found common ground:-)

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