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Would a Polish woman marry to get into the USA?

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,717
2 Jul 2018 #31
Just like with the cops and their interrogating techniques.

**** the cops. I'll never give a ******* pig respect unless respect is shown first - which they NEVER do. They just want an excuse to beat you, taze you or shoot you because they're 'scared' even if youve done nothing wrong. And no if youre walking in a public area you do not have to identify yourself unless the cop can cite a crime hes accusing you of - and looking suspicious doesnt count according to the supreme court and cops know that but they hate people who exercise their rights. Even recently it took 5 of them bitchass mofos to pull a 65 year old granny out of a car just bc she didn't agree with something on a ticket instead of 1cop deescalating the situation like their suppose to . Those ************* are the real sadists- and they dgaf about consent especially COs. The last person id ever call.for help is some fatass donut munchin pig making 25 an hour off taxpayers thinking a badge gives them the right to accost anyone they want... until they have to deal with some real.sh1t like a school shooting then they're all hiding like the cowards that they are
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,309
2 Jul 2018 #32
**** the cops. I'll never give a ******* pig respect unless respect is shown first - which they NEVER do.

I meant the detectives interviewing suspects, not the beat cops.

About two weeks ago I got pulled over twice the same day by the state police. In both cases, these officers could not be more polite. The first time, I was doing 85 in 70 on I57. Plus, no front plate and no seat belts. All I got was a warning for all three. A couple of hours later, I get pulled over for that missing front plate again on IL 47. Again, I never met a nicer cop. This time I was on cruise doing 60 in 55. I showed him the warning from the frist incident, he said thank you and wished me safe trip home. Maybe I was white enough not to give either of them lip and to remember the meaning of "please stay in your car".

My conclusion is that the first 30 seconds of the encounter determines the outcome.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,309
2 Jul 2018 #33
Back to women lying.

Even police tell them to lie that they have AIDS to avoid being raped. So, there is a time to lie and a time not to.

Like when a b***** brings a nearly dead kid to the hospital lying that she has no idea why the kid is ready to die, and, thus, postponing the life saving treatment. Of course, not a word that it was mommy dearest who assulted the child to create that drama for sympathy and attention. On my island, that b****** would be sterilized and stripped of her parental rights for life.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,717
3 Jul 2018 #34
You need a radar detector (i like the passport 9500 series a lot) and a scanner man. Most frequencies in Illinois aren't encrypted. Also your an older married white dude that does help.

But ya that's pretty bad. What's common now too is all the ****** who go to college, play ms popular at some party, can't handle their booze, then sleep with some dude that isn't as good looking in the morning- even though it was a great idea at the time and then she charges dude with rape. Those kind of stories were in my alma maters blotter all the time and still are at my grad school. In some cases it just fades to obscurity and is a school matter, in others young dudes have been charged, plead to some b.s. lower charge like sodomy but still have to register as a sex offender for 25 years - even if the girl recants her story or says she doesn't want the dude charged anymore and takes responsibility... all depends if its the university pd or the city pd do the report really...
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,309
3 Jul 2018 #35
But ya that's pretty bad.

I had a rule never to go on a business trip alone with a woman. I knew that an end to my employment was only one off-color joke after a couple of beers away. If forced to go with one, my plan was to take a different flight, rent my own car, and stay in a different hotel. And see you in the morning at work. In the she-said-he-said world he is screwed every time.

I will never forget what happened at and after a meeting with a bunch of guys plus one Asian woman. At some point, I said "dear" to her. She never spoke to me again after that. Who needs this s***.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,717
3 Jul 2018 #36
Yeah it's just not worth it imo. Luckily I've had pretty good intuitions.. generally I know just by the eyes and body language. Those are much harder to disguise than words, especially if you're not relaxed and super easy to pick up for gamblers, sales and business types etc.

I watched this a while back - I look at it the same way as arthur in the video 'it's like buying a cadillac.... a used cadillac... gotta keep it in my garage for a while.. test drive it...'

At some point, I said "dear" to her. She never spoke to me again after that.

Prolly wasnt filipino... Those girls even have government schools they go to become good slaves for life in foreign countries.. unfortunately for some guys (arabs) they take that **** too far and don't treat em as some housewife or the help and really abuse them... but the amount of American dudes i see married to philipinos is staggering. People talk about like Russian Ukrainian brides but I see way more Filipino. And almost all of them work in nursing in the u.s or relayed field or domestic help if it's like asia or me

Just remember one thing rich..... There's a reason why they call men who pay for relations 'tricks'

In uk they call them punters... never really understood why.. To most people in us a punter is a dude who kicks a ball really high.. atleast trick makes sense because the girl is 'tricking' the guy...
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,309
4 Jul 2018 #37

I watched that video and felt progressively more like throwing up and feeling sorry for those women. How do they suppress the urge to vomit, force that smile and pretend to be into the fat, bold, and the arrogant look-at-me-babe a-holes is beyond my ability to grasp. And than go to the US and find out that the guy has been married three times and is currently unemployed, living with mom. The very fact that these guys are shopping for women 5000 miles away at a foreign meat market says it all. Or is it called there a meet market?

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