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Poles Living in the Chicago Area

Crow 148 | 9,327
10 Mar 2021 #181
Oh, I will now nicely put a cross on myself and thank to dobri Bog. Yeeees, Italians are much darker. Just go to the EXIT music fest and observe Serbs. Serbs have lighter skin than even Austrians.
Joker 2 | 1,802
11 Mar 2021 #182
From the time when Slavs ruled Chicago >

More trolling and make up stories from the Serbian Spammer!

Serbs never helped Poles in Chicago..... Only in your dreams.

Dont believe a word of it Milo. Ive debunked his stories multiple times about Chicago. The last scabs he claimed to rule Chicago was a soccer team that nobody went to😂

I can name six Polish restaurants and clubs that went out of business, starting with Polish Villa, Patria, Warszawianka, and Red Apple,

Most of the Poles have already moved out Chicago to the suburbs ( like you and I ) to get away from what you described. The ones that didnt leave Illinois for good that is.

Crow is a clown that hasnt a clue about Chicago and his fictitious posts should be removed from here
Joker 2 | 1,802
30 Mar 2021 #183
I just seen on a local Chicago news they did a poll about naming a school after Barak Obama

81% said NO
19% said Yes

His Presidential library might meet the same fate as "friends of the park" are stopping him from destroying our lovely lakefront. lol
Novichok 1 | 2,825
30 Mar 2021 #184
His Presidential library might meet the same fate

Make it the Church of Holy Barak and all resistance will be gone. You know, freedom of religion, the 1st...

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