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Why do you guys think that so much Polonia is fake?

TheOther 5 | 3,711
11 Dec 2013 #31
So he got exactly what he asked for: a streetfight not a fair fight or some sort of ring fight fantasy you live in.

One day you will meet your very own George Zimmerman.
p3undone 8 | 1,135
11 Dec 2013 #32
Wariat,you very well could..especially if you don't shake that jailhouse mentality.
OP Wariat 2 | 12
11 Dec 2013 #33
George Zimmerman would have shot him or came back after grabbing a gun from his truck and shot him and get away with it. All I did was break glass on his face and tried to escape the violent situation with as much efficiency and as quickly as possible (and simply stood my ground and did not allow myself be punked for a seat I was sitting in for 10 mins). The stand your ground laws make sense and should exist in California. All I did was stand my ground after he came at me. He may even have hit me multiple times it happened so fast but my mugshot clearly shows blood on my lips as well. But because I am not Zimmerman but a Polak they tried to destroy me, while Zimmerman killed and not even during a scuffle but after and did not plea to anything much less a strike. Fuk your weak shet country and cowards who try to prey or punk other whites because deep down they won't go up against mexicans or anyone they think will stand their ground. The only reason he did that to me was because I was alone and clearly dont associate myself with their white santa cruz flip flop culture or want anything to do with their females here. Polish women are real not some gold digger ****** and fuk this place. I've never had a normal girlfriend or been wanted in all my time here and everytime I went to Poland I saw beautiful girls come talk to me even first.

Here ya go. Here is how real (not Polonia) Polaks get down and what happens in Poland if you try to fight "fair" or back down from becoming as violent and as quick as possible. (this is the mentality I grew up in just go to slask or industrial parts of Poland or villages and youll see it for yourselves its more ruthless than even Mexican gang members in Cali):

Imagine being that violent, angry and hateful Im sure theyd get far in the u.s. fail or prison hierarchy. I doubt the mexicans would be putting their names on their chairs and asking for them from them. By the way, this is what will happen to that guy who tried to punk me if he ever decides to go to poland. Hell really be victimized. By the way, notice how no one calls cops at all and they never show up and how even bouncers get down.
TheOther 5 | 3,711
11 Dec 2013 #34
George Zimmerman would have shot him

George Zimmerman would have shot YOU, that's the point.
OP Wariat 2 | 12
11 Dec 2013 #35
Actually he wouldn't have because I did not sucker punch nor would I have George Zimmerman like Trevor Martin or the guy in the bar. I only pushed him back out of my face and danger zone and I doubt George Zimmerman would have shot me for that. H would have shot me if I came at him full force with his arms to his sides though and while my friends were backing me during all this and ready to strike. By the way, even if I did fuk up George Zimmerman, I would or stay and hang around the area afterward so no he would not have been able to shoot me.

Plus, I did not nor have I ever punked anyone. If I see someone by themselves or out of their surroundings or timid or whatever ai do not go up to them and say "hey youre sitting in my chair" or "at are you looking at" only punks and cowards do that like the guy who got a beer glass on his face from me. So me and George Zimmerman wouldnt even have a conflict because ai dont punk.
11 Dec 2013 #36
I wonder why you felt the need to ban me. Let me guess the moderator is American and this is another ploy to not let the truth out against the hate and discrimination by other whites toward us?
p3undone 8 | 1,135
11 Dec 2013 #37
No MrALBERT,you were already suspended,and it wasn't until you mentioned that story about the bar fight,that it clicked.

I would have done that in any case where you used blanket statemements.But only if you had kept it up...which you would have.
Maybe 12 | 409
11 Dec 2013 #38
I was only going to meet the girl

Nickidewbear 23 | 584
11 Dec 2013 #39
imagination. Those who thinks so don`t have imagination

But is it really fake? My answer as to why so much of Polonia is "fake" (really, seen as fake) is because Polish culture was one of the more Philosemitic cultures, so the world of course had to brand it as "fake".
Szczelec29 - | 2
11 Dec 2013 #40
Watch this and tell me Polaks would be scared or back down form dive bar white Santa Cruz faggots or gang banging mexicans:

This is our culture. This is our heritage. We may not be good at any sports or have any good teams besides strong men and boxers/fighters (nor any celebrities besides I like to fuk young teens Polanski), but we can at least hit you the hardest in the end. Just look at those faces, that hardness they exhibit. They look like they've been in a war and back a war through hell and back. Like they are machines to kill.

In the second vid above, watch from 2:03, they were preparing weapons including axes and knives for a battle. This is like gangs of New York in real life. That wasnt just 1800s but it still goes on to this day in Polakistan. And all of these guys it states that got arrested were out within three months. There is no such thing as three strikes in this world or were I come from. There is no assault with a deadly weapon. Its all deadly and its a game of deadliness. This stuff could never exist in America simply because of your laws. This world is something you'll never probably see and find out for yourself.

You have no idea how much I miss my culture and my people and that music in the first video above signified everything that is in my heart and everything I remember from my land and how I grew up as a warrior and not a cop caller and nothing like white umerica or mexican gang banger cowards that exist in Caifornia. It reminds me of what being a fighter is like and carrying yourself like a man. I know that I will be back in the battlefields with my comrades and will overcome everything they did to me in this land. Every way they tried to break me. Because I know deep down I come from a warrior culture.

Another great vid showing how we Polaks (unlike whites in california jail, at least in pc or s and y, who prey on their own) help our comrades and unify to chants or songs in battle:

100 % Polak, 100% real, 100% proud

There is no way wed be punked by no browns or blacks like whites do in California.
Strzelec35 29 | 1,575
14 Apr 2021 #41

Polonia or Polish Whites and the movement of pollackhood behind white lives matter guys

i hate to say it but look at the flag in the main image of this article to see who the real culprit behind this new age movement coming up in USA and it is none other than Polonia or Polish people guys:

this is the typical polak abroad or Polonia or just expat from Poland:

this is why there is so much white supremacy on this very forum guys: pollacks.
Novichok 1 | 2,739
14 Apr 2021 #42
this is the typical polak abroad

What is wrong with that picture?
BTW, could you decide on how you want to offend Poles and stay with your choice? Is it polak or Pollack?

this is why there is so much white supremacy on this very forum

Which race is more advanced than white? If you decide to investigate, check how many patents came from Africa and Latin America.
Strzelec35 29 | 1,575
14 Apr 2021 #43
thats fine if they are open about being white supremacists but many are in denial or hiding it or outting on a brave wannabe west (like iron Poland is Central Europe face) and wont admit their country is backwards and east euro. also they should be less bias and treat their own women the same way they look wt others their own gogetters trying to go west.
Novichok 1 | 2,739
14 Apr 2021 #44
thats fine if they are open about being white supremacists but many are in denial or hiding it

There is nothing to deny or be open about. Whites are the most accomplished race and that is why the flow is in their direction. Being abusive to others is another matter and is disgusting. Like in every school, one guy is the fastest and one girl is the smartest. Now what? Ban competition?
Strzelec35 29 | 1,575
14 Apr 2021 #45
polaks arent really white tho. theyre eastern europeans.
Novichok 1 | 2,739
14 Apr 2021 #46
There is no such race.
Strzelec35 29 | 1,575
14 Apr 2021 #47
according to popular media particularly in west coast USA or liberal states there is. and Hollywood. and the average person or woman you ask in a bar over there about Poland.
Novichok 1 | 2,739
14 Apr 2021 #48
Some claim that there are 73 genders. So what?
Strzelec35 29 | 1,575
14 Apr 2021 #49
popular media runs the world.
Novichok 1 | 2,739
14 Apr 2021 #50
They run the world but they cannot create what does not exist - like EE race.

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