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Real Estate

Real estate and housing market in Poland. Discuss laws related to owning, leasing, or renting a property.

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Sticky: Where to look on the internet for Poland Real Estate  2  3  4
112 - Merged: ee24 - Is this site a scam? Here is the site in question - A...

Real Estateeleanoroconner - 18 Jan 2008 RedTerminator13 - 9 May 2021
Buying a 'Surowy Otwarty' House
Need guidance on the tenant's property rights
8 - Life is full of surprises and zasadzkas....

Real EstateCrystal0701 - 20 May 2021 pawian - 22 May 2021
A low cost rural residential property in Poland purchase by a Non-EU national
2 - Low cost or high cost answer is NO....

Real Estatepozaluista - 20 Apr 2021 Cargo pants - 20 Apr 2021
Purchasing apartment in the Polish border region as a foreigner
Avoiding planning permission. Or law on glamping pods in Poland.
3 - No im not. People have already done what im about to do. And with that comes knowledge. Its good...

Real Estatedean phibbs - 17 Apr 2021 dean phibbs - 17 Apr 2021
Legal protection - Purchasing property as an unmarried couple in Poland
19 - Ok thanks Jon, I'm going to look into this. Appreciate your input....

Real Estates4albarn - 21 Feb 2021 s4albarn - 22 Feb 2021
Buying a house and staying away from the border
3 - All in all you will have to contact the local authorities. You want to buy an existing house. Thats...

Real EstateMarieAntoinette - 1 Feb 2021 Sisi_Zakopane - 14 Mar 2021
About terminating my flat contract in Poland
Life near the Carpathian mountains?
6 - Apparently, it'll be -18 in the Carpathian mountains this week. Brr....

Real EstateZlatko - 2 Jan 2021 delphiandomine - 12 Jan 2021
Very cheap apartments for sale in Lodz - am I missing something?
16 - You`re welcome. It was my pleasure too coz I have learnt sth new. I am so old and...

Real Estateemne22 - 14 Dec 2020 pawian - 15 Dec 2020
An equivalent of heating range / cooker in Poland?
If you pay a property reservation fee in Poland, can they sell it from under you?
Can you use your last months rent to pay a deposit? Is it legal in Poland?
Buy an apartment in Warsaw now or wait
Joint ownership of house in Poland by a Polish man and an American woman
Geography / Climate Question(s) - I am looking to buy a property in Poland
14 - Not bad honestly when I applied in 2001 it was around the same as I remember....

Real EstateRalphPoland - 31 Aug 2020 Cargo pants - 6 Sep 2020
Places I can stay in Krakow and expenses I need to shell
4 - @kaprys Thx Kind sir!!...

Real Estatedevil_storage - 19 Aug 2020 devil_storage - 22 Aug 2020
Are the property prices in Poland too high?
False advertising? Poland rental property advice.  2
House owning in Poland - Questions - Which offices are involved? Rules.
26 - @Atch Yeah, you are right, this plan fails if they need to go to the post office......

Real EstateRandomname - 20 Jul 2020 Randomname - 26 Jul 2020
Where to live (South of Poland region)?
Buying land in Warsaw, Poland and the following
Time limitations to selling a flat in Poland (bought a year ago)
An increase of 25% rent is legal in Poland?
Termination of fixed term renting contracts-residential in Poland
26 - My bad,I meant most Landlords will do it. Because you are finding him a tenant and...

Real EstateSteven2020 - 23 May 2020 Cargo pants - 25 Aug 2020
Poland - getting a tenant out (post-lease)
Building a modern house in Poland?
6 - Oh if I buy an already built one, I'd go for a dom szeregowy as they look nice. It's...

Real Estatejackrussel - 30 Mar 2020 jackrussel - 31 Mar 2020
The process of selling a property in Poland
4 - Tell us the address....

Real EstateRoman A - 6 Mar 2020 pawian - 11 Mar 2020
Buying an Apartment in Poznan, Im Irish
11 - Merged: Poznan, Im Irish, Biz steps help I need a "cheat sheet list" and some help, Im...

Real EstateOzinPoz - 21 Feb 2020 OzinPoz - 15 Nov 2020
Questions about buying property in Poland; house segment or an apartment - almost new or brand-new?
Carpetying style? - question to Brits living in Poland
Landlord in Poland sent us an 7.000 zl bill after moving out. Advice please.
Home loan in Poland based on my US credit score?
Victorian-style house in Poland?
Rough idea on rental prices for Wroclaw, Poland
Buy Land in Poland and Build a House from Wood
5 - Ok I have done this so here is my advice for what it is worth and I will tell...

Real EstateMarkollavich - 9 Oct 2019 Richthecat - 15 Jun 2020
Photos from Poland's osiedle (housing estate) from street level
9 - Sosnowiec:

Real EstateZlatko - 29 Sep 2019 Strzelec35 - 7 Apr 2021
Property Searching by Name in Skrzypne Poland
Permission to change a roof and add windows (considering buying a house in Poland)
2 - As far as I know, during the property sale there must be done the property title audit and if...

Real EstateBraveheart16 - 31 Aug 2019 Nathans - 8 Nov 2019
Polish government targeting British property buyers!!
10 - Thanks for your comments guys....

Real EstateMark_the_teache - 26 Aug 2019 Mark_the_teache - 6 Sep 2019
Looking for similar buildings in Poland for investing
9 - Just google nowe osiedle and check the google images. For example Wrocław ... ...

Real EstateZlatko - 24 Aug 2019 kaprys - 21 Sep 2019
Plans and documents for a house (buy/sell) in Poland
3 - Nathans......thank you for your response...

Real EstateBraveheart16 - 20 Jul 2019 Braveheart16 - 8 Sep 2019
TBS real estate in Poland
Leasing a flat in Poland: How can a foreigner fulfill the guarantor of eviction clause on short-term leases?
21 - Damm Warsaw is freaking expensive....

Real EstateKrakowRenter25 - 18 Jun 2019 Swir - 19 Jun 2019
What do rolna-budowlana land means?
7 - pawian thank you SO much!...

Real EstateCoop - 20 May 2019 Coop - 21 May 2019
Real estate in Poland - licytacje (an auction?)
Landlord in Poland "doesn't" want to return the deposit
Price of Real estate for sale in Poland, Białołęka
23 - Projecting again are you....

Real Estatert3d01 - 13 Apr 2019 Shitonya Brits - 19 Apr 2019
Buying building plot/land for building a house in Poland
Buying and renting an apartment in Poland (South-west of Wroclaw)
Bill to support Swiss currency mortgage in Poland
Average czynsz in Poland-> average cost of utilities/admin for an apartment that you own?
Lease contract with no renewal clause in Poland
Numer księgi wieczystej after purchasing a plot of land in Poland
3 - Found it .... Thanks dolnoslask...

Real Estatedhjelm - 15 Jan 2019 dhjelm - 15 Jan 2019
Help urgently - problems with the owner of rented apartment in Poland
Looking for a room or flat to rent in Poland - discrimination against age
1920s Polish Building construction in Lviv
Any recommendations for area to purchase small plot to build a detached house near Poznan?
Planning permission - buying a house in Poland
7 - What you could do - you can sign the preliminary purchase contract, but with the condition that you'll...

Real EstateBraveheart16 - 23 Aug 2018 delphiandomine - 24 Aug 2018

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