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Forced to pay for an accommodation without a contract?

6 Aug 2022 #1
I am an ERASMUS student who will study in Warsaw this autumn, I find an agency in Warsaw that will help me to find accommodation in this city. After I spoke with the agent and paid to rent a room I found out he is a scammer and will change de apartment where I will live and after my studies will be finished he will not give me back my deposit. I speak with him to send me the contract ( to read the terms) but he didn't make it so I didn't sign anything. When I paid for the room he told me if I will cancel he will not return my money. I cancel my bank money today. The question is, he can do something to me, it is a law or something that it's obligates me to pay him if I didn't sign anything and he didn't sent me any contract?
cms neuf - | 2,094
6 Aug 2022 #2
No - there is nothing legally he can do about it
mafketis 35 | 11,671
6 Aug 2022 #3
Is the university providing you housing? The better approach is to use that until you know a Polish person who can guide you through the shark filled waters of Polish landlords (many are great.... a large number.... aren't).

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