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What is a contract with a want notary?

5 Sep 2022 #1
Hello, I recently moved to Poland for work and I am looking for an apartment to rent, and I would like to acquire a PESEL number as well,

I am contacting apartment owners and one of them told me the contract is ordinary with no want notary, so I want to know what does this exactly mean, if it is a legally binding contract, and if I would be able to get a PESEL number with it.
cms neuf
5 Sep 2022 #2
Yes it's legally binding. Notaries are expensive and time consuming and not really used for small residential leases
5 Sep 2022 #4
if I would be able to get a PESEL number with it.

You will automatically be issued a PESEL number when you register your address at the local Urzad. If you don't want to wait until you have a permanent address you can apply for a PESEL on the basis that you're working in Poland. It takes about a month for the application to be processed.
OP auezzat
5 Sep 2022 #5
I see, thanks Atch, I might rent an apartment soon, but if it didn't work out I will try to get one with the contract.

I appreciate your help.
6 Sep 2022 #6
You're welcome. I should have said it takes up to a month. It can be much quicker. Sometimes they will issue it within a week of applying so it might be a good idea to just do it now. Go along to the Urzad of the area you're living in and ask them at the information desk. They will give you the correct form for your situation. There are a couple of different ones. It's always better to do official business face to face in Poland. It generally gets done quicker. Put aside an afternoon to do it and get it filled in and handed into the correct department while you're there. They will send you a text when the PESEL is ready to collect. You can trot along to the Urzad and pick it up :)
OP auezzat
10 Sep 2022 #7
Thanks Atch, the notification probably got lost in mail.
I went a few days and I was told it might take up to 30 days, hopefully it doesn't get rejected and comes early.
Cargo pants
10 Sep 2022 #8
Notaries are expensive and time consuming and not really used for small residential leases

It is always good for the owner to get it notarised and the tenant will pay for it.It will be easier to locate the tenant and sue him for the remaining lease or the damage done in residential flat.Notary will not cost over 250 Pln and an hour of visit is an insurance policy,until the landlord is stealing the tax on the income from that flat.

Also is safe for the tenant as he cant be thrown out by a greedy landlord.
OP auezzat
10 Sep 2022 #9
You mean the other contract isn't legally binding?
Cargo pants
10 Sep 2022 #10
It is legally binding and can be enforced by both,landlord and tenant if its notarised.Plus you can get temporary Meldunek also,which you will need for driving license etc.

In a handwritten contract how do you know the renter is even the legal owner of the flat?
OP auezzat
11 Sep 2022 #11
Because I am not originally Polish, I am not sure how the contract should be established, I was expecting some kind of legislation office to do that. But sometimes written contracts can be legally binding or it falls under fraud and still he would be prosecuted by law.

But can you give step-step info about how the contract should be notorious?
Cargo pants
11 Sep 2022 #12
I am not originally Polish

I know you are from Egypt.

still he would be prosecuted by law.

Do you think criminals dont know that?


I dont know what you mean by that but I would suggest spend cpl 100pln and get the contract notarized,Notary will guide you through and yes you will need a certified Translator so add extra for the price,
OP auezzat
11 Sep 2022 #13
Yeah, I understand loop holes and denial,
it is just I am a bit hasty to get this done, and extra steps specially if they won't suit the owner or need Polish language to deal with government office feels a lot of work,

but I will try my best in that part, and push to make it notorious, also to take any additional cost.
Thanks cargo for your advice.

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