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Dividing a property

Dammest1 4 | 18
19 May 2022 #1

Will like to ask, how does it work regarding dividing a property, me and my partner decided to get a house together, i put down the 20% (100,000) of the house and also about 120,000 PLN for renovating the house to livable standard. and my salary is about twice as much as hers

However, i think it is fair to say, i am to owned 70% of the house and 30% goes to her?
cms neuf - | 2,094
19 May 2022 #2
No. Whose name is on the title deed "ksiega wieczyste" ?

That is the legal basis for who owns the house

If you are married then even if your wife's name is in the ksiega then it is still your common property

If you are not married then the only way to secure yourself is to loan the money to your partner - that is much more complicated though, and if she is living there with kids almost impossible to enforce if something goes wrong

Put a ring on it and your life will be more simple (at least about this house !)
OP Dammest1 4 | 18
19 May 2022 #3
No. Whose name is on the title deed "ksiega wieczyste" ?

Perhaps we can put two names on it, and we are saying if something goes wrong we will sell the house and divide the proceeds as per % of who owned what.

We are thinking to put that into the deed, we do not know if any of what we are thinking is actually right in terms of law.
cms neuf - | 2,094
19 May 2022 #4
Yes you can put that in a deed - but needs to be done formally with a notary

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