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Hołownia - a rising star in Polish politics?
Life near the Carpathian mountains?
6 - Apparently, it'll be -18 in the Carpathian mountains this week. Brr....

Real EstateZlatko - 2 Jan 2021delphiandomine - 12 Jan 2021
Opening a Preschool in Poland (Krakow)
We Remember: Cold War Warrior and True Pole Michał Franciszek Goleniewski
Travel to Poland from the UK? (COVID time)  2
What Poland expected from western Europe?  2  3
74 - So TRUE indeed:-)...

HistoryCrow - 28 Dec 2020Lyzko - 24 Jan 2021
Are there debit cards without maintenance fees in Poland?
Information required on location of WW2 prisoner of war working parties ( arbeits kommandos ) in Poland
Moving to Poland, Working for a UK Company
Brand new company Sp.zo.o. For sale
London Polish Reverts (Muslim)
What do Poles do when they need Cash urgently (small sums)?
Tenis ziemny
Covid vaccination for foreigners in Poland?
Looking for property to rent or accommodation in Gdansk
5 - BHK - Bedroom, Hall(which is living room) and Kitchen. Sorry, I should have posted 2 room flat....

Classifiedseverhelpingmeet - 15 Dec 2020everhelpingmeet - 15 Dec 2020
Very cheap apartments for sale in Lodz - am I missing something?
Looking for contacts in the Polish coffee sector
Looking for two cities likely in Poland 1882/1883
Advantages of getting married in Poland.
Kobiety odrzucają politykę kościoła
Polish male seeking a Polish Speaking Roommate for 55plus community. Clearwater, FL
Polish couple married for 20 years
Belief of Sarmatian descend of Szlachta in the Renaissance is not entirely wrong, but not quite right either
Wildlife photography tips in surrounds (within 1hr from Krakow?)
Polish Ice Hockey
Have you heard of the Polish nobility related to the British Royal Family - the Hauke-Bosak family?
3 - @pawian Lol I am not a descendant of that household - I wish : D Yes this family actually...

GenealogyGabriel Krakow - 25 Nov 2020Gabriel Krakow - 25 Nov 2020
Poland-Turkey relations WW2?
Wealth distribution and utilisation in Poland
Need a shipping company in Poland who can handle some imports of vehicles for me on a regular basis.
Do border guards in Poland visit homes randomly?