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Is cancer treatment in Poland covered free of cost or almost free of cost for people registered in NFZ/ZUS?
"Weird" "Strange" "Unique" Polish Customs  2
Divorced a Cheating Polish Wife  2  3
It's nearly impossible to get a Polish Passport appointment at the London Konsulat
Karta Pobytu application and Sworn Translator in Warsaw
5 - Thanks Cargo, that's good to know...

Lawragmasingh - 25 Jan 2021ragmasingh - 25 Jan 2021
Polish Passport without Citizenship confirmation letter
Postcard from Wolyn.. translation if possible..
19 - Good that you got the translation, nice to see a happy ending :) Have a look at...

Languagetadoz - 22 Jan 2021Chemikiem - 26 Jan 2021
Are gas stoves a must in Poland?
× In increasingly chaotic world, diaspora of Poland moving back to Poland an masse?  2
46 - Contrary to some opinions, Jews don't only help Jews:-)...

NewsCrow - 20 Jan 2021Lyzko - 22 Jan 2021
Will Poland rebuild classical buildings?
Weird and wonderful Polish train fares
× Świętowit/Svetovid, God of our ancestors - Does He watch over us even now?  2
Brexit complications for UK nationals
10 - No offence but I'd prefer not to put too much personal info online...

UK, Irelandragmasingh - 15 Jan 2021ragmasingh - 19 Jan 2021
Advice about UK life insurance options
Informacje, obserwacje o Góral
Double last names? - Zabawa, Czermak, & Zabawa Czermak?
Poland - A True Bastion and Defender of Free Speech
Ludno Poland? - looking for a city, town or village by that name
English/Bilingual Speaking School options in Krakow and fees
Track BMW 525d
11 - Probably scrapped by now or shipped to Burundi as a taxi....

ClassifiedsBmwtrack - 10 Jan 2021jon357 - 12 Jan 2021
Growing Up In The UK As The Son of a Pole
How's life in Mielec?
Advice about hiring a mini excavator in the Kraków area?
Chocolate Bread Dessert
Export car from Poland to Czech Republic
Hołownia - a rising star in Polish politics?
Life near the Carpathian mountains?
6 - Apparently, it'll be -18 in the Carpathian mountains this week. Brr....

Real EstateZlatko - 2 Jan 2021delphiandomine - 12 Jan 2021
Opening a Preschool in Poland (Krakow)
We Remember: Cold War Warrior and True Pole Michał Franciszek Goleniewski
Travel to Poland from the UK? (COVID time)  2
47 - Now such a travel costs 5000 pounds....

Travelbadlores - 30 Dec 2020pawian - 2 Apr 2021