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Poles and expats share their views on living in Poland. Discuss Polish traditions, customs and culture. (page 37)

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IS CHEATING ON EXAMS OK? (younger Poles don't think so)
Sending a telegram from Wroclaw
The Pole is happy when someone else cries...  2
Should Poles be Polish?  2
BMW Poznan cutomer service is surprisingly good!
Internet without TPSA (The Telecommunication of Poland Corporation)
Identifying phone networks in Poland.
3 - Cool thing, thanks!...

Liferjramos - 14 Feb 2010 rjramos - 14 Feb 2010
Making Real Friends in Poland
Computer stores and computer prices in Wroclaw
× Horribly cold in Krakow at the moment , how do you cope with such temperatures ?  2  3  4  5
Price of a DJ in Poland
Electronics in Poland - what kinds are popular?
Kindergarden / daycare in Wroclaw
ZYWIEC, I have a question about a store in town which sells only a 'whool items'
How reliable are Internet connections/wifi in Gdansk?
3 - And all MacDonald's have wifi....

Lifeheatherf - 3 Jan 2010 jonni - 4 Jan 2010
Civil Wedding Programme in Poland
GPS Satellite Navigation systems for driving in Poland

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