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Brajek czy Brajanek? (baby names)

Polskiej_Dumy 18 | 66
25 Jun 2010 #1
I am seeing a lot of babies in Poland being named Brajan, I guess the Polish version of Brian/Bryan. Would the nickname be Brajek or Brajanek ??
shush 1 | 212
25 Jun 2010 #2

Brajan +ek
26 Jun 2010 #3
Angelika and Brian are called in Poland names of special treat... ;>

<I know I'm mean...>
Wroclaw 44 | 5,368
26 Jun 2010 #4
I guess the Polish version of Brian/Bryan.

some people should look into culture a little.

the name brian always reminds me of the snail from the magic roundabout.
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
26 Jun 2010 #5
Parents who think they are cool and trendy sometimes give their kids foreign celebrity names without thinking about what the child may face in future. Fad names come and go, but there are people in Poland stuck with Violetta, Leoncio, Isuara, Madonna, Jennifer, Bruce and suchlike.

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