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Baby blessing for Polish female baby

24 Jan 2011 /  #1
I am looking for a Polish blessing for a couple having a female baby. I have read, and understand that it is traditionally not done in Poland as it is considered bad luck. What I am trying to do is make my own card for them to give at our church's Polish Festival. I have already drawn the Polish Eagle (instead of a stork) carrying the baby in a blanket. Here in the United States, we would normally write something like "Congratulations! It's a girl." or "Congratulations on your newborn baby."

So, if anyone could help me with something more traditional in Poland (and a translation as what it means) it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Thomas Maszczenski
24 Jan 2011 /  #2
This is nice

Z okazji narodzin waszego maleństwa, życzymy mu beztroskiego i zdrowego dzieciństwa, a Wam - odkrywania nowych uroków wspólnego życia.

Translation soon. I have to go now. :)
25 Jan 2011 /  #3
I have read, and understand that it is traditionally not done in Poland as it is considered bad luck.

Huh? Where did you hear that?

JaneDoe - I know that your greeting pertains to "maleństwa" (the little one) but can it be used for a baby girl? Somehow " życzymy mu" sounds way off to me but I'm sure I'm wrong.
25 Jan 2011 /  #4
You just need to spit over your left shoulder, tell the parents not to dress the baby in anything red and hang a crucifix in its room. Then it'lll be secured. ;)
25 Jan 2011 /  #5
"Maleństwo" doesn't specify a gender of a baby, so it's safe to use it for a girl or a boy.
OP tjmaszc  
25 Jan 2011 /  #6
@skysoulmate - While just trying to research something to use, I saw on many different Polish sites, that traditionally, they didn't have things like baby showers. The blessings were after the baby was born, and normally at a Christening/Baptism. One of the reasons I saw was that there was a high infant mortality rate (again, remember this is OLD tradition, not talking about today's Poland) so it was considered bad luck to congratulate the parents with gifts before the child was born.
25 Jan 2011 /  #7
I see, thanks. Yeah, it sounds like something that probably applied to most countries at the time.

Jane - I understand, thanks. It was the "mu" or "jemu" (him) that got me confused.

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