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Winners-like store in Poland?

lukaszpoznanski 10 | 39
23 Apr 2010 #1
In Canada, we have a terrific chain of stores called Winners, which basically sells new clothes (often designer brands) for super-cheap, as they source from manufacturer surpluses. Over the years I've scored some great stuff from Winners, saving me thousands of dollars. If I needed a new pair of Calvin Klein jeans or a Polo shirt, I'd never have to spend more than $50 or $30, respectively. Here in Kraków, I can't get a decent pair of jeans for under $80, and of course I earn way less than I used to in Canada. Does anyone know of a Polish store that's similar to Winners?
cymru 1 | 6
23 Apr 2010 #2
TK Maxx have a few Outlets, one in Wroclaw and one in Poznan that I know of.
WhyMedSchool 6 | 35
26 Apr 2010 #3
hahaha £ukasz I can't believe you posted this question.

My wife and I moved to Poznan from Toronto and were laughing that there isn't a Winners here since in Canada they are always filled with 80-90% Polish women hahaha

Thanks for letting us know about TK Maxx cymru (forgot that it's the same company as Winners) - we'll be heading out to Malta shortly!

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