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Punk and Garage scene in Poland

jonni 16 | 2,485
25 Feb 2010 #31
and Emo in

Excuse a question from someone who was a punk first time round, long before most of today's punk musicians were born, but what is 'emo'?

Is it big in Poland?
Forfour44 9 | 94
25 Feb 2010 #32
Emo is the young people who listen to music and cut themselfs and are always sad.
jonni 16 | 2,485
25 Feb 2010 #33

Thanks, I suspected as much. I googled it, and had a look at My Chemical Romance on youtube. Sounds like a cross between Echo and the Bunnymen and stadium rock.
jarnowa 4 | 499
5 Mar 2010 #34
klub koyot is a nice place for fans of rock/metal and alternative music in general.
i'm sure you will find some punk fans as well. :)
mark007 - | 58
9 Mar 2010 #35
Tektura (not sure about spelling) is good and there are other places. I'm more of a funk man myself but Lubliners are generally quite friendly and if you speak Polish, well that is a plus in my book!!

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