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Trying to find a good office supplies store in Poland

klakak 4 | 32
29 Sep 2009 #1
What is a good office supply type store in Poland? I am needing a planner and some plain, basic, cheap notebooks for school. All I can find are Hannah Montana notebooks..
29 Sep 2009 #2
LOL, try and find an Empik they should have everything you need. Its like WHsmiths
brian141nat - | 1
27 Mar 2010 #3
I am looking for a contact in Poland to buy secondhand clothes from me at really knockdown prices,To set up a business rellationship thanks Brian.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,430
27 Mar 2010 #4
If you can deliver to Poznan for less than 40 pence per item, then I'm interested.

Contact office@lindenia :)
27 Mar 2010 #5
haha, this thread cracks me up, especially the Hanna Montana part.

i'll never understand office supplies in poland, especially notebooks. haha, i have to always sift through notebook after notebook, just to find one that doesn't have a unicorn on it or a color pattern that would make someone question my sexuality.

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