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3G availability with iPhone in Poland ?

Moonlighting 31 | 234
17 Mar 2010 #1

I bought an iPhone in Kraków one week ago, at an Orange shop. So far, I got 3G availability only one day (yesterday) although I never disabled it in my iPhone settings and spent all days at the usual places : Bronowice and Stare Miasto. Is this normal ? Does the 3G service really suck that way in Kraków ?

frd 7 | 1,401
18 Mar 2010 #2
I had 3G in most of the big cities and in the major cities I had HSDPA.. I reckon there should be cells providing hsdpa quality in Krakow...
missvenus - | 3
13 Apr 2010 #3
the iphone fom o2 is a problem as it only works in their network the phone unlocked?
OP Moonlighting 31 | 234
13 Apr 2010 #4
Actually it's OK now. I went back to the Orange shop and they told me to a hard reset . After the reinstallation from iTunes, it worked perfectly.

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