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Outdoor Stoves in Poland (Propane?)

therobside 2 | 20
8 Apr 2010 #1
This summer I plan on camping out for two weeks with a decent sized group (30 people). When I did this in the states, we purchased propane burners that would hook up to a propane tank and then we were able to do our frying/boiling/etc on them. Mind you, since this is for a big group - the small Coleman stoves/burners do not work since there is not enough room on them for big pots and pans.

An example of this is:

Does anyone know where I can find something like this in Poland and what would it run off of (since I have never seen propane tanks like in the US)? Which of the big stores might carry something like this (Obi, etc)?

If anyone has any other ideas for efficient cooking of three meals daily in Poland, I'm willing to hear as well. Open fires may not be an acceptable alternative.
1jola 14 | 1,879
8 Apr 2010 #2
You'll have no problem finding what you need. Even at a sports store you can get decent burners:
frd 7 | 1,399
8 Apr 2010 #3
There are shops for campers and travelers like anywhere else, you can find stuff like this:

from this shop:

Though after a short scanning through a several sites I have to say there are not many multi burner camper stoves.. most are single burner propan tanks..

Most run on propan butan and different mixtures of it but some may run on petrol so it's really important to be sure what the fuel you need is.
jwojcie 2 | 762
8 Apr 2010 #4
Well, for 30 people I suppose you will need more than one of that:

or that:

Other ideas? I don't know where you are going to camp, but Poland is not Alaska and rarely there is no bar around.
frd 7 | 1,399
8 Apr 2010 #5
hehe 3 people found basically the same stuff, here goes your choice and variety, and just being curious where are you guys heading to?
jwojcie 2 | 762
8 Apr 2010 #6
hehe, yeah, scarry :-)
OP therobside 2 | 20
8 Apr 2010 #7
This is actually for my Polish Scout Troop that is coming from the states for our organization's Polish World Scout Jamboree that is happening at the Zalew Zegrzynski in Zegrze at the army base. They are supposed to provide us with the military stoves but those are only good for making soups, gularz, etc (can't really fry on them).

Anymore links or ideas will definitely help. In the states, we usually make 'kuchnie polowe' by digging approx a feet deep hole that is about two feet wide and five feet deep, using fireproof bricks and rebarbs on the outside, and then putting a sheet of metal over it. At the end, there is a chimney for the smoke. Wood is then used as the fuel.

But since its an army base and I doubt we will get permission for it, I'm looking for alternatives.
lowfunk99 10 | 397
8 Apr 2010 #8
When is the Jamboree? I would like to visit. I am an Eagle scout. I also went to the Jamboree in 1977 in PA.
OP therobside 2 | 20
8 Apr 2010 #9
This Jamboree is for Polish Scouts in ZHP pgk (poza granicami kraju). The scouts will be all polish troops from USA, Canada, England, Australia and to a lesser extent France, Argentina, and a few other countries. The total number of scouts will be approximately 1500-2000.

Visiting day will be on July 31 from about 12pm to 5pm. It will be open to the public during these times only. I am not sure of what restrictions there will be yet but I assuming the polish military will be doing a sign in and out.

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