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28 Aug 2016
Life / Differences between Irish, British, Polish, American and other nations culture, tradition, music - loose talk [231]

but how do you know that?

Well at least it's the case at the campus I attend.

Trump has no class and seems to be a bully

Hillary Clinton would be better suited to bring up since she actually was involved with trying to cover up her husbands rapes and sexual assaults.

hushing such stuff and sweeping them under the carpet, harming the victims in the process and allowing the rapists to get away with rape.

and College/University campuses are vastly filled with liberal students

No means yes, yes means anal", "We love Yale sluts

It seems more like trolling to be honest. On a university campus you will find "no means no" posters around, it just seems like "they" think I am an idiot, "they" being whoever is placing those things everywhere.

members of sport teams at universities that are usually the worse as far as attitudes and the treatment fo women is concerned.

28 Aug 2016
Life / Differences between Irish, British, Polish, American and other nations culture, tradition, music - loose talk [231]

So those are the future American elites?

It is important to acknowledge that it is by no means a majority of men at University and College campuses that display such behavior. There was no need to bring Trump into this and it is insulting that you would assume that people who back Trump behave in such manners, overwhelming majority do not.

I currently attend University, have done so for several years, and I have never come across such behavior. Tell me Paulina have you been to an American college campus?

the police and male students (like distributing leaflets among other students advising on how to rape a girl and get away with it)

It would seem to be a pervasive myth at best, tell me, do Police really hand out leaflets on how to rape and get away with it? If so how come I never got one?

Paulina I advise you to visit a University campus, you will see things are normal here, students are concerned with studying and keeping up with the workload.

The few that do rape or sexually assault someone should be punished accordingly, this I agree. But the media,I'd say even Liberal media in this case, blows things out of proportion.
25 Aug 2016
Love / What do you like most about Polish girls? :) [120]

One of them was known for beating up her husband regularly

Wouldn't you say that's a good reason not to hire someone? if someone can't even get along with her husband without using violence, how would they get along with other co-workers. Perhaps you mean brute strength is the qualification for the job? Well we don't know how tough that husband was or if he fought back or not, it is easy to beat someone up if they don't fight back.

Never heard of a woman drilling coal down there in a coal mine here in Poland.

I never heard of a woman working in the sewers either, I suppose that is a problem? Though I seen a few garbage(wo)man
23 Aug 2016
Love / What do you like most about Polish girls? :) [120]

Well if your point is that third wave feminism has strayed a long way from women's rights, then yes that is true. I do not believe that certain women do not want to be associated with the term, but believe in self respected and achievement. In my view a women who believes in respect for oneself and others and works to achieve their goals is a women :) and that's that. Times have changed and it's pretty much the norm that women work along with men, it's silly to give them a label these days.

Just from my personal experience, women that I have come across who never used the term feminist to associate themselves with were by far more independent, intelligent, educated, respectful and hard working then women who actually labeled themselves feminists. These days Feminists seemed to be associated with cat ladies, disgruntled youth, and social justice warriors.
3 Aug 2016
News / "A merciful heart can share its bread with the hungry and welcome refugees and migrants" Pope Francis [89]

Unless you believe Europeans owe it to the ME for Post WW1 manipulation, then I do not understand why Europeans are even involved.

Nah, we don't owe them anything, they have to do it. Foreign intervention is what helped cause this mess, wrecking stable countries such as Libya and Syria was a huge mistake. It would also be a mistake electing the woman who helped make that happen, so if I could, I'd also be voting Trump. We have to protect our borders, our way of life depends on it. Syrians and other refugees have to go back and make their countries better, they have to defeat the Islamist if they are the so called moderates, not come to Europe and kill innocent people... They have to invest in their own technologies by putting in the effort to educate themselves and build an economy, not depend on others to do it for them. They have to realize as a nation that if they are to prevent poverty and if they want high living standards, they can not over populate the land.

4) Today it's war refugees, tomorrow it will be climate change. Point being most people will always seek to relocate to superior living standards.

And those lands will never improve if they keep on abandoning it, while they also put a strain on available resources in Europe. They have to adapt to their lands and the changing environment that's what we call adaptation, Europe does not owe them anything in this respect.

I do believe that we must take care of those closest to us, that if we thrive others nations might attempt to emulate our model.

Muslim lives are worth less than white European ones

No, just that Europeans need to insure their own survival as first priority

who's stopping an outsider from coming in with perhaps a "better" plan?

Israel can do it, they are much closer and a model nation for the middle east.

any vote for Trump is a vote for all the bigots

Trump is a vote for those who are frustrated.

a certain little man with a mustache also proposed a "final" solution to the internal problem of another "non-native ethnicity"

Now you have a nation, Israel, so it will not happen again. These migrants on the other hand already have a nation, they abandoned it instead of putting in the effort to improve it. How much work do you think went into Israel to get it into the state that it is now? it took a lot of dedication and commitment.

The sweat and blood of our ancestors is what made Europe what it is

Those that shall not work, shall not eat. A christian principle if I am not wrong
2 Aug 2016
News / "A merciful heart can share its bread with the hungry and welcome refugees and migrants" Pope Francis [89]

largesse to fund anti-poverty programs respectively in Syria and elsewhere

First you have to get that war managed, and stop the supply of weapons to the Islamist. Second is to invest in technologies that would help supply water and food such as building reverse osmosis desalinization plants, Third is educating the public about population control and the dangers of overpopulation. Having a small highly educated and advanced population where resources are plenty is an ideal environment to eradicate poverty. This of course can only happen if the population cooperates, and with all those jihadists around I don't think it is very likely
2 Jul 2016
News / How will BREXIT affect the immigrants in UK and Poland. [1114]

Vulnerable Syrians who lost everything were lost

Especially Christians and atheists in Syria who would be grateful and work rather then blame white man and demand that Europeans submit to their cultural enrichment.

Ha, ha-Jon you live in some communistic utopia world - no border, re-distribution of wealth....- It would be great idea lazy leeches living on people who work hard.

He's a loon, only reason there is an insurgent right is because of people like him, surprised he does not know that.
27 Jun 2016
News / How will BREXIT affect the immigrants in UK and Poland. [1114]

That's been done before

The intermarium has not in my knowledge been done before, the subjugation by the soviet union on the other hand has, hindered by socialist/communist policies.

It will be a reinstated commonwealth, only larger to encompass all friendly Slav nations and allies. A defense against the abhorrent EU, Russia and the Islamic world and Ideally can stand on its own
27 Jun 2016
UK, Ireland / Why are Poles in the UK complaining of racism when you are racist? [73]

Suppose that also applies to Africans and Asians, can't be an exclusive trait unless of course you are racist yourself ;.). I doubt your intuition reflects the vast masses that happened to vote leave, and that you did not.
26 Jun 2016
News / How will BREXIT affect the immigrants in UK and Poland. [1114]

HSBC threatening to move offices to France ( 70 thousand job loss) Pound prices down.....

When communism collapsed in Poland things got worst before they got better, give it time this is the dawn of a new era.

UK showed nasty xenophobic face and I am afraid it will leave bitter aftertaste for years in continental europe

No, Brexit is an inspiration for many countries across Europe. I have actual amassed respect for the Brits for this."Polish vermin go home" is not a reflection of all and could be in relation to the actual scum and not all Polish people or just from some person with personal issues.

It is sad because I would say Polish genuinely liked UK but I am afraid it is past now.

I like it more now
25 Jun 2016
UK, Ireland / English/British rudeness - what do Polish people think about it? [117]

No it's not an British thing, where I live (lots of third world immigration here) many people do this, women with their purses but of course there are exceptions. Not a problem when the bus is empty, but some people take the inward seat rather then the one next to the window (they place their bag/purse there), and honestly they don't care if the bus is full.
25 Jun 2016
News / How will BREXIT affect the immigrants in UK and Poland. [1114]

Yes, I can see Sweden leaving with a Swexit as well

Already more than two million signatures under a petition to hold another referendum on the issue...

And they wont be satisfied until they get the outcome they want, perhaps they want to rig it this time
24 Jun 2016
UK, Ireland / How might Britain`s withdrawal from EU affect Poles there and here? [474]

It will take time to adjust, but I believe things will get settled out. In the end this is what Poland needs, it's young working people

Today has made history

while being forced to build its own economy!!

Right on :)

Scotland is already considering to demand a second referendum for independence

So? let them, I see no problem
24 Jun 2016
News / How will BREXIT affect the immigrants in UK and Poland. [1114]

What about the fact that the British pound value will lose 10-20% within a week - won't some Poles consider going back to Poland

Might, but there are still many advantages those people obtain. Oh I would not worry about the pound, it still is one of the most highly valued currencies and UK is far from being a poor country

And congratulations to the British, you have something to be proud about! never forget this day
9 Jun 2016
UK, Ireland / How might Britain`s withdrawal from EU affect Poles there and here? [474]

See, whether or not citizens of other foreign countries have the right to vote to alter a foreign countries policies is something not very fond to me. For the British I suppose this is what the elites owe their new found cheap labor and tax cows, but for the regular everyday working class and to a lesser extent middle class Brit I understand their frustration, as they can not be blamed for colonization and the British empire and should have the entitlement to determine autonomy of their ancestral home. I for one would not take part in such a vote, even if entitled to (which oddly enough, can very well be), as to me it is a breach of sovereignty. 'Tis a reason I am apolitical.
9 Jun 2016
Genealogy / The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans [656]

Yes, well you have a typical Russian nose and eye shape. This is not a clear indication of Russian ancestry as having ancestry from Ruthenia and perhaps even Belorussian can result in those traits, however I don't see much other particularly Russian features.