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16 Dec 2017
Law / What a "factura" is a factura? Car repair cost in Poland. [5]

tradesmen are all given to the most annoying habit of hiking the final price when it comes to paying for the job

and therefore we never waste a time for such thing like a quote. During a private investigation (family, friends) we find out who is solid and has reasonable prices. Additionally this is a safety valve defending us (tradesmen) against smart asses (like you) who are good yapping monkeys and catch the slightest word. I always ask people which way they want to go, everything (materials) from the top shelf, top brands or cooperation. I will fight for good prices with all my knowledge but expect a reward.
14 Nov 2017
Travel / Why do you visit Poland? [193]

why visit Poland

It's a beautiful country

what is best city in Poland to visit

Gdansk and Krakow

are people friendly in Poland


i am traveling alone and i do not speak Polish

Doesn't matter. We speak English and German :)
12 Nov 2017
Life / Cosmetic surgery in Poland... [40]

Don't go to Poland for plastic surgery. If anything will go wrong with your surgery or you will lose your health "reputable clinic" and their assets will disappear in one night and you will spend years in Polish courts fighting for compensation.
11 Nov 2017
Life / Thoughts on pro vs cons when moving to Poland from New Zealand with Polish wife and daughter. Living cost. [9]

another house or decent flat as a rental, would this provide a decent base income?

How much you expect from one home in Poland? Better buy home in London and live in small flat in Poland.

My wife is a teacher and would go back to this

Teacher is not a dentist.

but my polish is very poor

Do you expect a sharp improvement when in Poland?

Think why we leave comfortable homes, flats, cars, gardens, lakes, forests and decide to live in London? For income. Income is crucial. Not a cheap country.
28 Oct 2017
Travel / What is the most convenience way from Warsaw airport to the center of Kielce? [9]

I have no idea about Poland.

Warsaw is ok but Gdansk is the best ;)

I will fly to Warsaw airport

From Chopin airport you need to get to Warszawa Zachodnia train station. Walk to Okecie train station and catch a train to Warszawa Zachodnia where you have InterCity train to Kielce.
27 Oct 2017
Travel / Gdansk Christmas markets [26]

-30 seems a little too extreme for me n my daughter so maybe it'd b wiser to wait till warmer months to visit.

Not every winter we have -30' and sometimes in November sometimes in February.
10 Oct 2017
Food / Polish sausage preparation [4]

some polish sausage from a polski sklep

Can you see any name?

Probably has been eaten ;)
8 Oct 2017
Real Estate / Negligent homeowners in Poland, advice needed [7]

in my homecountry there are many laws around rentalhouses and work to it

I our country we are still in stage you like it stay you don't like it leave. She is nice but just doesn't want to spend money for improvements.

Warm water "from city" should be 52'C warm. You need a termometer to 100'C. You may report it to spółdzelnia or administrator. This is a serious argument and they "usually" react very quickly. City heating system ends in basement and 99.99% works well. Problem lies in old or thin pipeline in building or they deliberately order 48'C to pay less for heat.
8 Oct 2017
Language / Wiadomości vs Aktualności [4]

difference between wiadomości and aktualności

Wiadomości don't have to be actual. Aktualności must.
7 Oct 2017
Work / Medical tests before working in Poland [21]

are they accepting a person who has Scar

What you mean scar? Unless is pilot or driver job nothing to worry about. They hunt for tuberculosis.
5 Oct 2017
Language / How well do Polish people understand Slovak? [77]

I personally love the sound of Hungarian

Everyone loves ;) I work with Hungarian guys and when is a lunch break they switch from English to native.
4 Oct 2017
Language / Easy texts to practice Polish sentences/reading/vocabulary? [33]

oldies but goldies

My favourite is milcz i całuj hehe. Why they didn't ask for help a native Polish speaker?
30 Sep 2017
Work / New business start-up in Poland - opinions and ideas [32]

wholesale business of leather jackets and bags in Poland

Leather jackets is not good idea. Bags maybe. We have enormous competition. Set up website in Polish and check the market.
9 Sep 2017
Life / Tap Water quality in Poland [42]

[quote=Alltimegreat1Is it safe to drink right from the faucet?[/quote]and how do you think? Is it safe? ;)

It may be not tasty in Warsaw but It meets SANEPID standards. When do not meet, somewhere in a smal village there is a warning in radio and newspaper. Mrągowo is not a small village. We just not drink tap water right from the faucet because boiled tap water or mineral water from Carrefour is more tastier ;) Same way we don't drink disgusting mix tea and milk bleee
7 Sep 2017
Love / How do I get a shy Polish man to make a move? [9]

he goes as red as a tomato

My sister used to say this is a good symptom ;)

Are you extremely hot? If so recommended solution is to make the first move. You will save plenty of time ;)
5 Sep 2017
Love / What do you think of Polish girls? [23]

Some say they can be cold, demanding and materialistics, and some say they can be loving, warm and fun.

Our country contains both of them. Pick wisely ;)
5 Sep 2017
Life / Why are Poles always so miserable? Why do they never smile? [510]

i don't know what's wrong with Polish people. seriously!

I'm living in the UK now and my mood changed from grumpy to neutral. I really don't know why. Even stupid how are you doesn't make me angry. Maybe because I'm working among black people and they are almost always happy and have a great sense of humor. Indian guys are not far behind. In this situation is difficult to keep a serious poker face. You need adjust. I will see what happens next. The investigation is ongoing ;)
5 Sep 2017
Classifieds / Polish Home Carers Needed in Colchester, Essex, UK [60]

£16,000 per annum plus mileageIf you or any one you know are interested please contact me

Don't expect crowds. We are rather in retreat than expand. Pound is still diving (4.61 today) Many people think about relocation.
2 Sep 2017
Life / What do locals believe represents Poland and its future? [17]

What do locals in Poland feel most proud of?

I'm rather happier than proud of beautiful country. I was lucky to live almost 30 years in deep forest between 15 lakes. I have a breathtaking view from my balcony. Some nations must be satisfied with a desert only.
1 Sep 2017
Travel / Travel Within Poland - from Warsaw airport to Mragowo [49]

Why is that road so dangerous?

Because of nouveau riche morons in their shiny brand new SUVs speeding and reckless driving home after shopping in Olsztyn.

Do the buses leave from the Olsztyn train station?

Yes the same building. 100 meters stroll.
31 Aug 2017
Language / What are escorts called in Poland? [25]

I suppose Polish will just adopt the word escort or call girls

Probably yes. Pimps will change ads. Everything goes in a direction that helps Android-morons better understand the World. Everything will unify.