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Short Polish<->English translations

28 Oct 2007 #1
Hey guys:) can anyone tell me what the word "ciumek" means? i think it's slang cause i can't really find it in any dictionary or translator .
z_darius 14 | 3,965
28 Oct 2007 #2
"ciumek" is an informal word which derives from "ciumkac", It means to kiss or to produce kissing sound. Ciumek would then mean a person who kisses or is kissed, and it is likely an endearing term , except when context may clearly indicate otherwise, or in some slang expressions such as "ciumkać bigosa" (to masturbate)
31 Oct 2007 #3
Question does "o co chodzi" mean "what is going on here"?
Stanley K.
13 Nov 2007 #4
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think "O co chodzi?" means "What does that refer to?" or, "How do you mean that?"
z_darius 14 | 3,965
14 Nov 2007 #5
"O co chodzi?"

I'd translate that as:

What is the matter?
What's going on?
What do you want/need?
cloud 1 | 4
5 Dec 2007 #6
can someone translate 'wyschlas jak sledz' and tell me what it means?
Piorun - | 658
5 Dec 2007 #7
You have withered like a herring

and tell me what it means?

Probably you lost some weight or something

Le Je BuBu

Maybe- idzie bobo? or lezie bobo?
Here comes the boogyman
z_darius 14 | 3,965
17 Dec 2007 #8
bobo? Bobo is more like baby.

could someone please translate this for me to english - Zapomnialam ci powiedziec, ze swietnie dzis wygladasz:):)

I forgot to tell you, you look fantastic today
Piorun - | 658
17 Dec 2007 #9
Yes it is but you also say Bo cie bobo weżmie( boogyman will take you) or straszy bobo
Very old people use to use this word for ghost and judging from the word lezie it is a bit archaic.
z_darius 14 | 3,965
17 Dec 2007 #10
Bo cie bobo weżmie

I'm not very old but not exactly young anymore. Still, I never heard that one.
Is that a particular region of Poland where you may hear that?
Piorun - | 658
17 Dec 2007 #11
Is that a particular region of Poland where you may hear that?


I have just looked it up

BOBO to po polsku straszydlo, potwor.

przynajmniej w krakowskim, straszono dzieci, "przyjdzie bobo i Cie zje."
Polish4Ever87 - | 1
23 Dec 2007 #12
I was wondering if someone can translate this quote for me into Polish....

"When words fail... Music Speaks..."

I'd really appreciate it. Polish Pride!

Oh and how do you say Polish Pride... is it Polski Duma?
krysia 23 | 3,058
23 Dec 2007 #13
"When words fail... Music Speaks..."

"Gdy słowa zawodzą...Muzyka przemawia..."

Polski Duma?

Polska Duma
need help
11 Feb 2008 #14
How would you say "Rest in Peace"
RJ_cdn - | 267
11 Feb 2008 #15
"Rest in Peace"

If I remember correctly its "Spoczywaj w pokoju"
11 Feb 2008 #16
What does this mean : Odpoczywają w pokoju
RJ_cdn - | 267
11 Feb 2008 #17
Odpoczywają w pokoju

They are resting in peace.
12 Feb 2008 #18
Hi, if im writing happy valentines day to my boyfriend do i write: milych walentynek or milego walentego?????
12 Feb 2008 #19
it sounds a bit weird but some Polish say so. I would rather write:
Kocham Cię haha (I love you)
Jestem Twoją Walentynką (I'm your Valentin) : )

Good luck!
Tujidoti - | 1
6 Apr 2008 #20
Rest in peace
It means Spoczywaj w spokoju. You say that when someone die.
tczesio - | 6
4 May 2008 #21
Niech ta gwiazda Milosci co zawsze swici na ciebie, nigdy nie zagasnie

(suppose) That star of Love, which always shine on the sky for You, never fade(darken).
waliensunflower - | 1
14 May 2008 #22
Hey can anyone translate these into polish for me..

life is short, but art lives on
Piorun - | 658
14 May 2008 #23
life is short, but art lives on

życie jest krótkie, sztuka długotrwała
brooklyn - | 3
17 May 2008 #24
Can anyone tell me how to say NOTHING TO LOSE in polish thanks also if you could tell me how to write the words LOVE and HATE
ForsakenOne - | 38
17 May 2008 #25

Nic do stracenia

We have nothing to lose: Nie mamy nic do stracenia
I have nothing to lose: Nie mam nic do stracenia
You have nothing to lose: Nie masz nic do stracenia




Stephie26 - | 1
18 May 2008 #26
I really need some help. My boyfriend of 4 months has the letters DEL(possibly an I) tattooed on his left knuckles. I finally go the courage up to ask him about it last night. He said it's missing the last letter and all he will tell me is that it's a polish saying. I really want to find out what it could be and what it means. Any help would be great. Thanks!
22 May 2008 #27
I am doing something in memory of my grandparents and i don't know polish very well but I really need to know which would be the best way to say/ write " They are resting in peace"
Seanus 15 | 19,674
22 May 2008 #28
Spoczywają w spokoju
22 May 2008 #29
Thank you very much I greatly appreciate it
Seanus 15 | 19,674
22 May 2008 #30
The least I could do given ur intentions :)

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